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Reserve Deputy Constable

Hays County - San Marcos, Texas

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Job Description

THIS IS AN UNPAID VOLUNTEER POSITION Under close supervision, the Reserve Deputy Constable executes criminal arrest warrants, provides civil processing services throughout the County and works traffic as workload permits. This position enforces all civil and criminal laws of the State of Texas and Hays County. The Reserve Deputy Constable assists other agencies (e.g. Hays County Sheriff’s Department, San Marcos Police, Texas Highway Patrol, University Police, etc.) to protect the citizens of Hays County and anyone traveling through Hays County. This position affects the economic and social well being of the citizens of Hays County.

Additional Information

  • Serves civil papers and executes warrants.
  • Assists new officers in the field and in training the proper procedure for serving civil process to an individual or group.
  • Provides public assistance to the general public.
  • Assists as a bailiff for the Justice of the Peace.
  • Provides traffic enforcement as requested.
  • Trains on state and local laws.
  • Trains on proper traffic law enforcement procedure, use of the radar unit and approaching a stopped vehicle.
  • Utilize resources available to perform the job.
  • Maintains TCLEOSE certification through approved training
  • Assures the services delivered by the Constable’s office meet quality and timeliness standards.
  • Enforces traffic laws including school zones, construction zones, subdivisions and County roads.
  • Follows up on cases being investigated and assists other agencies (e.g. fire, EMS, Department of Public Safety, traffic control, etc.) and testifies in courts as needed.
  • Maintains patrol vehicle and equipment issued.
  • Maintains a high profile in the community.
  • Observes activities while on patrol and performs public relations activities as requested.
  • Responds to major traffic accidents and assists medical personnel with the injured.
  • Performs civil standby to ensure no violence occurs between members of the public.
  • Takes reports on property damage.
  • Answers civil questions and assists public with non-law enforcement related problems.
  • Attends public meetings to assist the public in identifying problem areas and deciding the most appropriate remedy.
  • Executes warrants on wanted persons and extradites wanted persons from other jails.
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements

  • Age: : 18 and above
  • Education: : Requires High School diploma or GED
  • Experience: : Requires 3 to 5 years of law enforcement experience..Class C Drivers License
  • Certification as a peace officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.
  • Ability to maintain firearms proficiency.
  • Ability to maintain continuing education requirements for the State of Texas.
  • The Deputy Constable is required to satisfactorily perform the above duties and will be evaluated for technical soundness, accuracy, adherence to instruction, and completeness.
  • This position is under constant supervision and the Constable provides detailed instructions.

Contact Informaton

Jerri Hettinger

Hays County
712 S. Stagecoach Trail, Suite 1063
San Marcos, Texas 78666
phone: 512-393-2232

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