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Police Officer

Palmer Police Department - Palmer, Alaska

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$19.36 hourly
Academy Graduate:
$20.14 hourly
$22.24 hourly
Top Pay:
$35.10 hourly

Job Description

Work is generally performed in a 90/10 split between an office environment (10%) and homes, businesses, and other community locations that require investigative responses for calls for service (90%). The duties and requirements of a Police Officer include, but may not be limited to, performance of the following activities: use of firearms, driving emergency vehicles, bicycles, off-highway vehicles, handcuffing prisoners, administering first aid, rescue operations, lifting and carrying 0-70 lbs, directing traffic, physical control of combative criminal suspects or persons with medical needs, be exposed to hazardous conditions including blood borne pathogens and tear gas environments, pursue suspects, walking-lateral mobility, walking over rough terrain, bending, stooping, crouching, sitting, standing, standing for long periods, kneeling, twisting body, pushing, pulling, running, sense of touch, reaching, gripping hands and fingers, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, climb fences or walls, hearing alarms, hearing voice conversation, color identification, close vision, far vision, side vision-depth perception, night vision, maintaining balance, finger dexterity, speaking clearly without impediment. Physical audio/visual requirements include normal color discrimination, normal binocular coordination, normal peripheral vision, and corrected visual acuity of 20/20 or better in each eye. Normal color discrimination is defined as having the ability to discern the primary safety colors of red, green and yellow. General sense of smell to identify, and not limited to; alcohol on suspects, drugs, hazardous environments, etc. Requires normal hearing or having no hearing defect that would adversely affect performance as a Police Officer.

Additional Information

Probationary Period The City of Palmer requires all employees, other than police officers, to successfully complete 1040 hours before being removed from probationary status. The Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) requires that police officers successfully complete the basic academy, the Field Training Program, and have worked twelve consecutive months from the date of hire before they can be certified as police officers and off probationary status. This has been adopted by the city for officers only. At the completion of the city’s 1040 hour probationary period, the Police Officer I will receive a probationary performance evaluation like all other city employees and if warranted, a merit increase. The date of this evaluation then becomes the officer’s anniversary date for future annual evaluations. Twelve months after the probationary evaluation the officer will receive their first annual evaluation, and if warranted, become a Police Officer II and receive a merit increase. Residency All police officers must live within 25 miles of the city boundaries and in the “core area” of the Mat-Su Borough within 180 days of hire. This requirement facilities the emergency recall of personnel. Apply by going to www.cityofpalmer.org

Job Requirements

  • Age: : 21
  • Education: : High School
  • Experience: : None
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Must meet the employment standards outlined in Alaska Administrative Code 13AAC 85.010-040 and for basic police certification
  • Within eighteen months must have successfully completed the Basic Police Academy, Field Training Program, City of Palmer probationary period and the probationary period required by the State of Alaska for police certification
  • Ability to clearly articulate both orally and in writing
  • Possess a minimum typing skill of 40 words per minute corrected
  • Must be able to maintain an APSIN security clearance
  • Must maintain required certifications and obtain ongoing education as may be required Examples of but not limited to: National Incident Command Systems, Criminal Interview & Interrogation, First Responder First-Aid/CPR/AED, Data Master, RADAR, etc.
  • Officers hired after January 2013 must successfully complete the department’s semi-annual physical test as outlined in the department policy manual
  • Valid Alaska Driver’s License

Contact Informaton

Thomas Remaley

Palmer Police Department
423 S Valley Way
Palmer, Alaska 99645
phone: 907-745-4811

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