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Police officer - basic or lateral

Juneau Police Department - Juneau, Alaska

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$28.41 hourly
$30.44 hourly

Job Description

Do you want to be a part of a professional established law enforcement team? Do you have what it takes to promote and enforce city, state and federal laws? If you have the energy, compassion and commitment to help serve the citizens of Juneau, then join our team and help make a difference! The Juneau Police Department has openings for enthusiastic, customer service oriented individuals. If you enjoy serving the public and are committed to service and excellence, we would be interested in hearing from you! This is a fully benefited position. The City and Borough of Juneau offers a competitive salary package that includes the opportunity for regular wage increases, an excellent health insurance program, leave, and retirement credit through PERS (Public Employees Retirement System). RESPONSIBILITIES:
  • Conducts patrols of foot, bicycle or in a police car to observe activities found on City-Borough streets, business establishments, residential areas and public areas. Uses discretion as to when to take enforcement actions or initiate peacekeeping measures.
  • Operates police cars or other vehicles, observes the public, investigates accidents, determines violations of applicable laws, issues citations, takes necessary action to enforce compliance with federal state, and local laws and city ordinances.
  • Takes charge of situations which require involvement of law enforcement personnel, such as car accidents, emergencies and public disturbances. Assesses the situation and determines immediate response to ensure protection of life and property. Administers first aid, directs traffic and requests emergency assistance or vehicles. Performs on-site personal interviews and records facts.
  • Responds to calls for service; or through self-initiated activity, investigates civil and criminal complaints, crimes, disturbances or other unusual circumstances; evaluates the situation and determines if violations of the law occurred or if police action is required, then takes appropriate action.
  • Questions and obtains statements from witnesses, collects and preserves evidence, prepares criminal and civil complaints, serves process papers and citations.
  • Refers victims to appropriate agencies, such as Family and Youth Services, medical authorities or appropriate domestic violence programs.
  • Properly uses specialized police equipment such as cameras, radar, blood-alcohol testing instruments, radios, and various less lethal and deadly weapons.
  • Apprehends, pursues, restrains and detains suspects and violators. Makes arrests and transports prisoners.
  • Testifies in court in both civil and criminal cases.
  • Prepares reports of investigations, activities and conditions dangerous to the public and unusual circumstances.
  • Assists other law enforcement agencies.
  • Completes special duty assignments such as public speaking, conducting search and rescue operations, conducting public educational programs and special training sessions. Performs special police/community relations, investigations unit or metro unit assignments.
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Additional Information

Juneau Police Department Mission Statement In partnership with the people of Juneau, our mission is to make our city a place where people can live safely and without fear. The Department provides general police services to the City and Borough of Juneau, covering an area of 3,081 square miles and a population nearing 31,000. The department consists of 2 divisions: Administrative Support Services and Operations. Within these divisions, there are 5 primary units: Patrol, Investigations, Community Service, Records and Communications. Due to Juneau's isolated geographic location, JPD is required to remain self-sufficient. Therefore, the department also maintains specialized teams in SWAT, Bomb Squad and Hostage Negotiation. JPD strives to provide regular and current training to all staff and operates from a modern facility that includes an up-to-date computerized dispatch center and records department. JPD recently assumed responsibility for the Juneau International Airport and has added five additional positions to our sworn staff. JPD, accredited since 2009, remains the only accredited police department in the State of Alaska. COMMUNITY INFORMATION: Juneau is Alaska's capital city. It is located in the "panhandle" of Southeast Alaska and is approximately 500 miles southeast of Anchorage and 900 miles north of Seattle. Juneau is accessible only by air and sea. The economy is based largely on government and tourism. Juneau provides a safe and healthy family environment. The city is served by six elementary schools, two middle schools, three high schools, a charter school, and the University of Alaska Southeast. The community has a modern hospital, two museums, five libraries, two theatrical groups, a symphony, baseball and softball fields, two indoor swimming pools, several boat harbors, an ice rink, a golf course, and a ski area. It is situated in a maritime rainforest that abounds with stunning scenery and many recreational opportunities including hunting, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, biking, kayaking and wildlife viewing.

Job Requirements

  • Age: : 21
  • Education: : HS diploma or GED
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien who is legally authorized to work in the United States.
  • Applicants must possess or obtain a valid Alaska Driver's License by the date of appointment.
  • ENTRY LEVEL CANDIDATES: All applicants, including Juneau residents, must first go through www.PublicSafetyTesting.com and pass the written and physical ability testing before being considered for employment. Please visit their website at www.PublicSafetyTesting.com where you will be able to file your online application and select the testing date, time and location most convenient for you. For further information, email: info@PublicSafetyTesting.com or call 1.866.HIRE911. Dates for periodic testing in Juneau, Alaska will be posted on PublicSafetyTesting.com's website. Starting wages for entry level candidates will be $28.41/hour to $30.44/hour depending on qualifications. LATERAL ENTRY CANDIDATES: Individuals with at least two years prior law enforcement experience may be eligible to apply through our lateral entry process. To see the job announcement and requirements, please go to www.juneau.org and click on JOBS in the menu bar. It will guide you through the process of submitting an application form to the City and Borough of Juneau. Starting wages for lateral entry candidates will be $29.40/hour to $33.73/hour depending on qualifications. NOTE: As part of the selection process, applicants are subject to a background investigation that includes a criminal background review, fingerprinting, investigative review and polygraph examination. All information provided by the applicant will be verified. Applicants who materially misrepresent any information provided in the employment process will be excluded from further consideration or dismissed if already employed. SPECIAL NOTE: Appointment to Police Officer positions will be made conditionally pending successful completion of all portions of the background process, the medical evaluation, psychological evaluation and receipt of verified negative results of pre-employment testing for controlled substances. NOTE: This position is union represented. Standards applied for selection will be not less than the Basic Standards for Police Officers. (13 AAC 85) NOTE: Once our openings are filled, this recruitment will be used to create an eligiblity list to fill future vacancies which may occur within the next 12 months. The candidate may be subject to an interview and a re-evaluation of the his/her current job performance. At the discretion of the Chief of Police, the eligiblity list may be extended up to two years from the effective date. The City and Borough of Juneau may revise or change the examinations or examining procedure at any time during the period, and requires candidates to meet the revised examination procedures or pass the revised examinations to maintain eligibility for appointment. Successful applicants will be notified by the Juneau Police Department of the next step in the recruitment process. The City and Borough of Juneau is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Contact Informaton

    Ed Mercer

    Juneau Police Department
    6255 Alaway Avenue
    Juneau, Alaska 99801
    phone: 907-500-0682

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