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Explosive Decetion Dog Trainer/mentor - Somalia French Speaking

Military-Civilian - Topanga, California

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Job Description

Seeking Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Trainer/Mentor (MUST be French and English Speaker). Is responsible for providing oversight of the care, health, training, and proper utilization of newly trained canines and canine teams throughout the assigned region of South Central Somalia. For US and NON US Citizens

Additional Information

The roles & responsibilities of the EDD Mentor include, but are not limited to: Provide comprehensive training in EDD handling & in techniques for EDD operations to troops assigned in the area of operation. As mentor, maintain consistent oversight and guidance of handlers & EDDs to ensure they remain effective & work according to acceptable standards. As handlers rotate out of theatre, the mentor/trainer will need to be prepared for changing EDD handlers and re-training, continuation training & supervision is an ongoing and revolving task. Prepare & certify handlers to explosive detection dog (EDD) internationally recognized standards & for EDD handlers to gain UNMAS accreditation. Mentors will be available to support EDD/handler teams while responding to each EDD callout. Provide daily mentoring to assigned EDD teams to include the following:
  • Daily evaluation of EDD Teams
  • Daily training, health, and welfare of the EDDs
  • EDD corrective action training
  • Kennel maintenance
  • Routine EDD logbook data collection and record keeping
  • *Work routine for EDD Teams
  • Medevac/Casevac plan in case of illness/injury to an EDD
  • Accident/Incident procedures to include retrieval details of EDD
  • General safety precautions using EDD
  • Usage and handling of explosive training aids
  • Supervise all EDD operations of the EDD teams assigned and shall be responsible for all aspects pertaining to the work site requirements.
  • Provide quality assurance monitoring routine training & preparing teams for annual re-certification
  • Provide remedial training for handlers that fail certification
  • Provide refresher training to handlers returning from R&R or other extended periods of leave
  • Assist with drafting EOD/IED reports after completion of an operational task
  • Provide daily, weekly, & monthly reports as directed by the Project Manager
COMPETENCIES The required competencies of the EDD Mentor include, but are not limited to:
  • Analytical - Synthesizes complex or diverse information; collects & researches data
  • Design - Demonstrates attention to detail
  • Problem Solving - Identifies & resolves problems in a timely manner; gathers & analyzes information skillfully
  • Interpersonal Skills - Focuses on solving conflict, not blaming; maintains confidentiality
  • Oral Communication - Listens & gets clarification; responds well to questions
  • Written Communication - Writes clearly and informatively;
  • edits work for spelling & grammar; varies writing style to meet needs; able to read & interpret written information
  • Teamwork - Balances team and individual responsibilities
  • Contributes to building a positive team spirit
  • Professionalism - Accepts responsibility for own actions
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Quality - demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness
  • looks for ways to improve and promote quality
  • Attendance/Punctuality – Consistently at work & on time
  • Dependability - Follows instructions, responds to management direction; commits to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals
  • Initiative - Takes independent actions & calculated risks; asks for and offers help when needed.
QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE A minimum of 5 yrs’ experience as an EDD handler conducting security activities. Demonstrated ability to train & supervise personnel conducting EDD exercises. Must be fluent in Written/Spoken French & have good verbal English. Must have K9 Trainer and/or Instructor certificate. Military and/or law enforcement exp preferred. Experience in working in austere conditions, post conflict, & Africa is desirable. Please send resumes to lucy@military-civilian.com with the job title in the subject line.

Contact Informaton

Lucy Jensen

PO Box 883
Topanga, California 990290
phone: 310-455-2002

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