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Deputy Sheriff-Intermediate Lateral

Spokane County Sheriff's Office - Spokane, Washington

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$4,033.00 monthly
Academy Graduate:
$4,033.00 monthly
$4,033.00 monthly
Top Pay:
$5,443.00 monthly

Job Description

Duties may include, but are not limited to the following: General duty police work typically including patrol, answering of criminal complaints, investigation of crimes; delivery of this is fundamental law enforcement duty in the protection of life and property and the preservation of peace. Performs civil disturbances and a variety of other emergency and routine activities as a public service officer. Deputies in this class usually have principle responsibility for immediate response to complaints in which the presence of a uniformed deputy sheriff is desirable; “first-calls” include responsibility for initial or on-site investigation of criminal complaints. Secondary responsibilities frequently include follow-up investigations, which can be completed by a uniformed officer. Assignments may occur in other divisions of the Department including but not limited to: civil, crime prevention, community service, drugs, crime analysis, etc. They belong in this class if general patrol training is necessary for completion of the duties, and if the combination of responsibility, complexity, and hazard is approximately similar to that of patrol assignments. Works under direction of a supervisory officer; work is reviewed through reports, observation and inspection. Patrols assigned area in patrol car (may also use helicopter, motorcycle, water craft); cites law violators. Makes security checks of businesses and industrial districts. Maintains surveillance of public gatherings as requested. Investigates and renders assistance at auto accidents. Answers radio calls for emergency assistance and law enforcement including crimes of violence, unruly crowds, auto accidents, child neglect, thefts/frauds, vandalism, and all other misdemeanors and felonies. Takes necessary steps to restore the peace, and renders first aid and other emergency assistance; conducts initial investigation. Serves warrants, makes arrests, and transports criminals. Administers tests for intoxication. Testifies in court as arresting officer. Serves civil processes and confiscates property by court order. Interrogates witnesses, suspects, complainants and victims in crime situations; arrests suspects and transports to jail for incarceration; composes and submits written reports. Testifies in court or at hearings. Subdues or restrains persons committing or believed to be about to commit acts of violence according to the urgency of the need in the judgment of the senior officer present. Renders first aid, assists the public, delivers emergency messages, provides escort services, controls crowds, intervenes in crises, mediates civil complaints, gathers intelligence, serves warrants, Subpoenas, writs and other civil and legal papers, processes extraditions, controls vicious animals, educates the public in prevention of all crimes. Answers phone calls, handles inquiries or complaints, acts as hospital guard, serve as information officer on front desk. Duties require the ability to sit for hours in the patrol car regularly Performs other work as required.

Additional Information

Knowledge of: • write effectively, using good grammar Skilled in: • use and care of firearms Ability to: • learn and understand applicable laws and rules of evidence • maintain control of own temper to remain calm and in charge of situation; • analyze situations quickly and objectively • recognize actual and potential danger and to determine proper courses of action • deal with stress situations firmly, tactfully and with respect for individual rights, exercising sound judgment • physically control arrestee, handcuff and place in car • lift recovered stolen property and place in patrol car for delivery to Property Room • use body maneuvers, strength and flexibility to control prisoners Must be respectful, courteous, and friendly to customers, other County employees, and County leadership. A team player that helps the organization meet its objectives. Take initiative to meet work objectives. Effectively communicates with customers and other County employees. Get along with co-workers and managers. Positively represents the County, maintaining the trust County residents have placed in each of us. Demonstrate honest and ethical behaviors.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: HS/GED
  • Experience: NA
United States citizen; at least 21 who can read and write the English language; high school graduate or equivalent; must have and retain valid motor vehicle operator’s license; height and weight proportional and sufficient for physical restraint of suspects; vision at least 20/100 in each eye correctable to 20/20 in the good eye, 20/30 in the lesser eye; no color vision deficiencies; normal hearing in voice tones from 500 to 2000 Hz; must qualify through background review including integrity interview; good reputation; no record of felony conviction or excessive traffic violations. In addition to the above entry requirements, intermediate lateral applicant must have successfully completed the Washington State Criminal Justice Basic Law Enforcement Academy. Experience as deputy is not required. If not currently working in law enforcement, applicant must have been separated from previous agency for less than five years.

Contact Informaton

Spokane County Civil Service

Spokane County Sheriff's Office
1229 W Mallon Ave
Spokane, Washington 99260
phone: (509) 477-4711

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