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Special Agent / Senior Special Agent

Union Pacific - Kansas City, Missouri

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$70,200.00 annual

Job Description

Responsible for employee and public safety; protection of facilities, real estate and assets; and the protection of our customer's lading through police activities, security services, and crime prevention and safety initiatives.

Additional Information


  • Responsible for all police activities including patrol; criminal investigation; executive, cargo, and asset protection; grade crossing traffic enforcement; facility and Homeland security; and emergency response preparedness.
  • Share inter-department responsibility for employee and public safety; crossing accident and third party personal injury investigation; freight claim resolution; civil investigation; hazardous material release and related environmental issues.
  • Work with other special agents or independently with primary responsibility for an assigned geographical territory to: Conduct investigations of illegal activity or follow-up investigations of criminal cases; Write comprehensive and detailed reports that accurately articulate the findings in accordance with department guidelines and government legal standards; Interview victims, witnesses and suspects to develop the facts of the case and write criminal complaint and warrant documents in compliance with state and federal laws; Collect, preserve and interpret physical evidence and identify and recover stolen property.
  • Prepare criminal cases for prosecution, work directly with prosecutors, attorneys and court officials, and personally testify for the Company in court.
  • Investigate all matters related to employee criminal misconduct.
  • Participate in crime reduction enforcement operations to ensure customer's lading moves intact without unnecessary delay from origin to destination.
  • Ensure that highly sensitive Government shipments requiring special handling are protected or inspected according to federal rules and regulations.
  • Investigate fully (interview, photograph, measure & diagram) all vehicle accidents, employee and third party injuries in the absence of a Claims Agent or a Sr Spec Agent - Accident Specialist.
  • Promote public safety through grade crossing traffic enforcement operations (UPCARE) and the investigation of unsafe motorist incidents.
  • Implement the Union Pacific's Homeland Security "security" plan counter measures as threat levels change.
  • Participate in "red team" audits on critical targets to test vulnerabilities and validate effectiveness of security measures.
  • Participate in the Executive protection of the Board of Directors, Corporate Officers and Senior Railroad management, family and their guests.
  • This is a physically demanding job. The successful candidate will be required, among other things, to walk or run long distances over uneven terrain in the rail yard; and to climb on to and off of equipment. The successful candidate will also be required to take and pass the annual physical and firearms tests for U.P. Special Agents.
  • To respond to patrol and police activities the ideal candidate will reside within 50 miles of the assigned office location.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: Graduated from an accredited Police Academy
  • Experience: 1 year experience in law enforcement in a patrol assignment with a public law enforcement agency

 Applicants must apply online at www.up.jobs

Contact Informaton

Liz Winkler

Union Pacific
1400 Douglas Street
Kansas City, Missouri 68179
phone: 402-544-5362

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