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911 Dispatch Coordinate

Lake Region Law Enforcement Center - Devils Lake , North Dakota

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Salary Information

Entry Level Salary:
$40,000.00 annual

Job Description

Under administrative direction, researches, plans, organize, directs the development, implements, manages and evaluates the E911 Emergency System for the counties of Nelson, Eddy, Ramsey, Benson and Towner.

Under administrative direction, directs, manages and oversees the Lake Region LE Communications Department. Is the administrative head of operations within the LEC Communications Department and is ultimately responsible for all departmental functions and operations within that division.

Under administrative direction, directs, manages and oversees the Lake Region LEC Records Department. Is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all records withing that department. Responsible for implementing any written or oral directives issued by the LEC Administrator any E911 Board member.

Responsible for the total operations of the Lake Region E911 System and reports to and is directly responsible, initially to the LEC Administrator, and ultimately to the E911 Authority Board. Responsible for attending E911 Authority Board Meeting as called by the chairperson.

Establishes, develop and maintains working relationships with governmental agencies and community groups within the five county areas in maintaining an E911 communication system.

Research, coordinate, develop and maintain communication links between all emergency responders within the E911 system and the PSAP communication center in Devils Lake.

Develop and maintain working relationships with all responding organizations and first Responder Agreements in the E911 system.

Assist the Administration with the annual budge for the E911 system as requested.

Responsible for the hiring, termination and discipline of E911 employees. Responsible for the supervision, training and moral of all assigned personnel within the E911 system. Attend state, national and county meetings related to E911 and keep current on state and federal rules, regulations and laws pertaining to operations of the E911 system.

Respond to community organizations, private citizens and news media who request presentations and information about the E911 system. Presentations are to be given whenever possible and in a professional manner using whatever teaching aids are appropriate. Administration of CodeRed program. 

Advise the Administration on required equipment updates, problems, condition of all equipment, and deep current on equipment requirements and needs withing the E911 System. Assist the Administrator and the E911 Board with writing bid specification and replacement schedules for equipment. Update all personnel on ne ideas, technologies and administrative procedures.

Work with the States Attorneys of the five counties to insure compliance with rules, regulations and laws pertaining to operations of the E911 system.

Prepare charts, reports and updates to include volume and types of calls for the E911 Authority Board. Develops and maintains currents policies dealing with the E911 system. Develop and maintains current polices dealing with the LEC Communications Department.

Will be available for call in response to emergencies dealing with the E911 system. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist Communication Specialist with problems and concerns, or direct them to other agencies/personnel who may better aid them in the quick resolution of their problems. Provides a qualified substitute when no available.

Assist Correctional Facility with correct booking procedures to coincide with the SAVIN program.

To have a very in-depth working knowledge of the database used by the 9-1-1 system, Paradox 7, and to maintain that level of knowledge throughout employment. To have and maintain an in-depth working knowledge of the SEATOL Mapping Software, so that changes and manipulations within the mapping structure of the software can be accomplished.

Additional Information

Update the general database using the data received from the telephone companies, either in the form of email or hard copy. Update and keep the database current with regards to any changes of numbers, addresses, locations and personal information. This would include common sense directions and any other information maintained in the database. To update the LEC Server and computers at the console positions an a reasonable basis. Along with maintain proper maps and assist in the maintenance of the 9-1-1 database and mapping software.

To work closely with and maintain good working relationships with SEATOL and/or any other contractor which may be working with the coordinator within the Lake Region E911 System.

Be capable to fill in for shifts in dispatch as needed.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18+
  • Education: any
  • Experience: none but salary dependant

Contact Informaton

Steve Nelson

Lake Region Law Enforcement Center
222 W. Walnut St
Devils Lake , North Dakota 58301
phone: (701) 662-7000

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