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Job Description



Under general supervision of the Marshal, is responsible for carrying out the functions of the Marshal’s Office, including the suppression of crime, the protection of life and property, the apprehension and arrest of violators or the criminal and traffic laws, the recovery of stolen property and the regulation of non-criminal conduct. The Deputy shall consistently direct his/her best efforts to accomplish that end intelligently and efficiently and shall hold him/herself in readiness at all times to answer the calls and obey the orders of his/her supervisor. This position is exempt from overtime and compensable time unless otherwise approved by the Town Board. This approval may occur when staff shortages occur requiring additional hours, incidents that require a high level of hours worked such as natural disasters, grant funded activities, or other incidents approved through the Board of Trustees.

In addition to the Essential Job Functions listed below, the Officer is responsible for adherence to all duties and responsibilities outlined in the Log Lane Village Marshal’s Office Policy Manual.


· Shall report for duty physically fit, mentally alert, neatly dressed and properly groomed and with the prescribed uniform and equipment.

· Shall maintain clothing, firearm and equipment in a functional, presentable condition, promptly correcting and/or reporting to his/her supervisor any defects.

· Operates an automobile in patrolling an assigned area for the prevention of crime and the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations.

· Enforces all local, state and federal laws.

· Responds to radio and telephone dispatches and appears at scenes of disorder or crime.

· Acts as first responder to fire and other emergencies.

· Notes and reports traffic hazards.

· Assists in controlling traffic at scenes of emergencies.

· Investigates and prepares reports on accidents, offenses and damages to property.

· Gives directions and information.

· Operates traffic radar/laser.

· Makes arrests.

· Issues citations.

· Serves warrants and subpoenas.

· Prepares reports on arrests and property impounded.

· Prepares and files reports with District Attorney’s office.

· Inspects establishments providing alcoholic beverages and entertainment.

· Intervenes in private or public disputes to protect the public and maintain order.

· Renders medical/first aid/CPR.

· Requests medical attention when necessary.

· Testifies in court.

· Transports prisoners.

· Perform initial investigations and assists in the investigations of crimes involving adults or juveniles.

· Investigates complaints.

· Interviews and interrogates persons whose actions are suspicious.

· Assists other agencies and departments.

· Enforces animal control ordinances.

· Enforces Town Ordinances.

· Assists with crime prevention.

· Educates the public in community relations events.

· Impounds and tags evidence.

· Prepares reports on own activities and incidents.

· Participates in in-service, basic and other training.

· Maintains department issued equipment.

· Provides security at special events.

· Performs other duties as assigned.



Always treats others equally and in a professional manner regardless of any bias. Demonstrates and complies with departmental policies and procedures. Accepts accountability for his/her own actions. Accepts constructive criticism. Handles all situations with an ethical course of action. Always takes into consideration how his/her actions affect the community and the department.


Always maintains equipment/work area in proper working order. Receives instruction and is able to follow them completely, no matter how complex. Always follows acceptable officer safety procedures. Demonstrates and applies all CRS, City Code, Model Traffic Code and Civil Law. Always operates vehicles safely and courteously. Obeys traffic laws.

Serves Customers (Community)

Is aware of community events that may affect normal duties. Pays attention in briefings and applies the information to make contacts. Communicates well with victims. Offers them alternatives so that they feel safe. Responds immediately to calls. Has a high level of orientation to the city. Maintains a high level of activity. Works cases thoroughly and does appropriate follow up.

Decision Making/ Problem Solving

Is able to reason through complex situations and bring cases to an acceptable conclusion. Maintains a professional demeanor in all situations. Controls feelings and emotions. Is a leader within the shift. Always maintains a productive working relationship with other staff. Works as a team to accomplish tasks. Seldom needs assistance, but asks when needed. Makes decisions after considering all the evidence. Considers source and content of information received.


Is always aware of own radio traffic. Transmits clear and concise information. Follows proper radio procedure. Aware of other officer radio traffic. Polite and courteous on the radio. Able to get all relevant information from victims or witnesses. Uses compassion and empathy when needed. Uses proper interview and interrogation techniques. Maintains a professional demeanor and controls emotions. Always communicates in a clear effective manner. Is able to communicate all the information gathered into words to be dictated for a written report.

Acquiring Information

Always collects appropriate information that is needed for reports, i.e. victim, witness, suspect information, etc. Disseminates information accordingly to assist with investigation. Demonstrates a clear understanding of search and seizure rules, i.e. Miranda, search warrants, detentions vs. arrests. Always processes a crime scene for all evidence available. Is able to recognize and collect possible items of evidence . Exhausts all possible leads on cases. Is able to examine conflicting information and reach the correct decision.


Can control most situations with verbal skills. Chooses appropriate verbal techniques for different situations. Applies the appropriate levels of physical force when required. Always selects the right technique for each situation. Is able to de-escalate criminal and non- criminal situations. Demonstrates the ability to determine if an offense has occurred. Always able to come to an appropriate solution for non criminal disputes, i.e. keep the peace, family disputes and other civil situations. Listens to both sides of the story and offers a solution that is fair and ethical.

Writing (Reports)

Written reports contain all relevant facts to a case. Reports are typed in a logical manner so they are easy to read. Routine forms are accurate and complete, i.e. accident reports, alarm notices, field notes, summons, etc. Always completes reports in an appropriate amount of time. Completes reports on same day unless otherwise approved. Penmanship is legible and uses correct grammar.


None apply to this position.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear to communicate clearly and distinctly face-to-face as well as over the radio in normal and adverse conditions. Is frequently required to sit, stand and walk. Is occasionally required to use hands to finger dexterity to handle or feel objects, tools, or equipment; reach with hands and arms; stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl; utilize arm and hand steadiness and manual dexterity to use weapons necessary to prevent injury or to protect self and others; maintain stamina and tolerance enough to remain physically and mentally alert for short bursts of extremely intense work. The employee must possess clear vision at 20 inches or less and 20 feet or more. Must be able to distinguish colors, have the ability to observe and area that can be seen up or down or to the left or right while eyes are fixed on a given point. Must have three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distance and special relationships. Ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus.


Occasionally the employee will deal with irate, abusive and disorderly people; deal with the public in situations involving possible severe physical and personal trauma; have exposure to potentially dangerous people, animals and objects; and have exposure to outdoor weather conditions and moderate noise levels.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Experience: Experience Prefered


May be required to pass pre-employment drug screen and CVSA (voice stress analyzer examination) and physical and background investigation. Must not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude under the laws of the State of Colorado or any other jurisdiction.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

· Colorado certified or POST certifiable Police Officer

· Valid Colorado driver’s license

· CPR/First Aid Certification

Education and/or Experience

· Minimum 21 years of age; high school diploma or equivalent


Language Skills

· Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely to others under normal and stressful conditions, both orally and in writing.

Reasoning Ability

· Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions. Ability to apply common sense understanding during normal and stressful conditions. Ability to compile and analyze data and to prepare a variety of reports.

Other Skills and Abilities

· Ability to record information accurately

· Computer skills

· Able to pass pre-employment physical and drug screen

· Eyesight corrected to 20/20

· Spanish/English verbal bilingual skills desirable

Contact Informaton

Codey Wynne

City of Log Lane Village (CIRSA)
phone: 970-467-3396

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