Deputy Sheriff Trainee

Los Angeles County Sheriff Department - Los Angeles, California

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Salary Information

Entry Level:
$70503 annual
Top Pay:
$103717 annual

Job Description

EXAMPLE OF DUTIES OF A DEPUTY SHERIFF •Testify in court •Make a forcible arrest •Search for and handle evidence/contraband •Use a firearm •Drive a County vehicle

WORKS IN A CUSTODY OR COURT SERVICES ENVIRONMENT •Enforces/ensures compliance with Federal and State laws, local ordinances, and judicial compliance orders as necessary. •Guards, transports, and maintains the security and safety of sentenced and pre-sentenced inmates by enforcing detention policies and procedures. •Oversees the work of and instructs a group of inmates assigned to various operations, maintenance, or other rehabilitative activities. •Operates a computer terminal to obtain criminal history information including warrants or other holds, and updates classification or housing information as necessary. •Secures prisoners and their property and monies as necessary in compliance with departmental policy and procedures including juvenile detention policy and regulations. •Performs various law enforcement duties during a local state of emergency.

DRIVES A RADIO CAR PATROLLING AREAS TO DETECT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, PROTECT LIFE AND PROPERTY, AND PRESERVE THE PEACE •Enforces Federal and State laws and local ordinances. •Pursues suspects on foot or in a vehicle. •Subdues resisting suspects utilizing necessary force, including firearms, to maintain law and order and ensure personal and other's safety. •Detains, arrests, books, and transports suspects. •Collects, preserves, and records evidence. •Maintains a log and writes arrest reports. •Makes traffic stops, issues warnings, and writes traffic citations. •Responds to emergency scenes and calls for service to provide assistance and maintain law and order. •Recovers lost or stolen property.

INVESTIGATES EMERGENT AND NON-EMERGENT COMPLAINTS OF CRIMES AND CONDUCTS FOLLOW-UP INVESTIGATIONS •Investigates victims, witnesses, suspects, and informants. •Takes notes, and writes complaint and investigative reports. •Searches for, collects, records, and preserves evidence (including contraband). •Appears in court to testify in legal proceedings. •Serves civil and criminal process papers.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 19.5
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: None required

Contact Informaton

Tiffany Park

Los Angeles County Sheriff Department
1112 Sheriff Road, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California 90063
phone: 5623471025

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