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The California law enforcement jobs page provides listings by state from across the country. On this page, you can discover which agencies in your state are hiring, salary information, job descriptions, requirements, which city the position is located in, and how to contact the agency to apply. This page is updated as soon as new jobs are posted and verified, so visit this page often for the latest up-to-date list of jobs in your state.

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All California Police Jobs and Law Enforcement Careers

Total Jobs Listed: 22
Police Officer
San Francisco State University Police Department
San Francisco, CA
Police Sergeant
Paso Robles Police Department
Paso Robles, CA
Police Officer (Lateral)
University of California, Irvine Police Department
Irvine, CA
Operation Supervisor
Susteen Inc.
Irvine, CA
Deputy Sheriff & Lateral
Riverside County Sheriff's Department
Riverside, CA
Police Officer - Trainee, Academy Graduate & Lateral
Palo Alto Police Department
Palo Alto, CA
Deputy Sheriff Trainee
Orange County Sheriff's Department
Santa Ana, CA
Police Officer (Academy Graduate/Lateral Entry)
City of Coronado
Coronado, CA
Police Officer
Watsonville Police Department
Watsonville, CA
Deputy Sheriff I
San Francisco Co. Sheriff's Department
San Francisco, CA
College Police Officer
San Bernardino Community College District PD
San Bernardino, CA
Police Officer
City of Clayton, CA
Clayton, CA
Police Communications Dispatcher
Fremont Police Department
Fremont, CA
Police Officer (Entry level and lateral level)
Fremont Police Department
Fremont, CA
Deputy Sheriff Trainee
Los Angeles County Sheriff Department
Los Angeles, CA
Lateral Police Officer
San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
Police Officer (Trainee/Academy Graduate/Lateral)
Police Officer (Lateral)
Modesto Police Department
Modesto, CA
Recruit/Academy Graduate/Lateral/Reserve
Costa Mesa Police Department
Costa Mesa, CA
Police Dispatcher
San Diego Police Department
San Diego, CA
911 Dispatcher
San Diego Police Department
San Diego, CA
Lateral Police Officer
Carlsbad Police Department
Carlsbad, CA
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