Yuma Police Department - Yuma, Colorado

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Salary Information

Entry Level:
$47,000 annual

Job Description

The Investigator position is responsible for investigating crimes that occur within the city limits of Yuma.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Investigate criminal acts.

  • Collect and use evidence to solve crimes.

  • Interview informants, suspects, and witnesses.

  • Keep detailed records.

  • Bag evidence carefully and ensure it gets sent to proper department.

  • Process crime scenes.

  • File paperwork.

  • Follow up on leads.

  • Prepare investigative reports.

  • Attend autopsies and make notes.

  • Prepare sketches and diagrams.

  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of federal and state statutes and court cases related to work performed and agency rules and regulations.

  • Obtain search warrants.

  • Perform surveillance and monitor suspects and criminal activity..

  • Exchange information and coordinate activities with other departments.

  • Record physical information about suspects.

  • Take fingerprints at crime scene.

  • Maintain evidence room.

  • Track and log evidence.

Additional Information

**Applicant must also be willing to take calls and cover shifts as needed**

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: Colorado Post Required
  • Experience: 3 years ( 5 years preferred)

Contact Informaton

Jerry Thompson

Yuma Police Department
216 East 3rd Avenue
Yuma, Colorado 80759
phone: 970-848-5441

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