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Mobile Apps Help Public Safety Personnel Respond Faster and More Effectively to Emergencies

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- The recent shooting at Fort Hood and mudslide in Washington underscore the critical need for improved communication and more effective team coordination. Philadelphia-based software company Drakontas LLC is working with law enforcement and emergency responders to develop unique software tools to address this critical need. 

Drakontas' DragonForce app runs on smartphones, tablets and web browsers and is used by public safety teams to more quickly and effectively respond to both day-to-day and emergency incidents. By utilizing DragonForce's collaborative tools, emergency response personnel can quickly communicate the exact location and nature of an incident while responders are en route, allowing them to engage immediately upon arrival at the scene. DragonForce provides responders a "digital chessboard" allowing them to visualize the location of both friendly and hostile actors in an active shooter situation or draw up a search and rescue plan in seconds.

DragonForce provides an easy to use, integrated set of collaboration features on any smartphone or tablet. Key features include: real-time personnel tracking, file sharing, text messaging, electronic forms, and a unique team whiteboarding capability, which enables multiple users to draw on any map, floor plan or picture, at the same time. Watch the DragonForce demo video.

DragonForce's features were developed by participating in embedded exercises with dozens of public safety teams through research conducted by Drakontas for the US Department of Defense and US Department of Justice studying the impact of advanced communications tools on team operations. Now capabilities that were recently only accessible by elite military units are available to public safety agencies of any size using devices their personnel are already carrying.

DragonForce is easy to use and can support teams ranging from tens to thousands of users. DragonForce cloud-based deployments are secure, highly scalable and require no IT infrastructure. DragonForce costs less than $9 per user per month.

For more information about DragonForce or to arrange an interactive demonstration contact Drakontas President & COO James Sim: jjsim@drakontas.com 215.222.1775 http://www.drakontas.com


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