New COPS program might enable LE technology purchases

As was reported here on PoliceOne last week, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved a substantial increase to the COPS program (to the tune of about one and a quarter million dollars per year for the next five years). What has subsequently come to our attention (thanks to our friends at Galain Solutions), is that some $350 million per year may be applied toward the purchase of law enforcement technology infrastructure and other tools that enable mobile data-sharing and mobile communications. The House version has been sent to the Senate, where many experts are saying it is expected to pass.

The folks at Galin say that technology funding had been an important part of the COPS program at the time it was first conceived, but in recent years COPS grants have not included equipment purchases. That’s been changed in the most recent version of the legislation now being considered by the Senate.

If the proposed increase in the COPS program is signed into law (and we’re not quite there yet) agencies will again have the opportunity to can make a compelling case that new technology will help to extend law enforcement resources to best meet the objectives of the COPS program.  For the latest tips about police grants, check out PoliceGrantsHelp

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