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Placment for a duty bag in a vehicle with a rifle rack

Submitted by PoliceOne Member

Officer James Engel, a PoliceOne Member with the Lockport (La.) Police Department, offers the following thoughts on where to place your duty bag in your vehicle.

“If you have a rifle rack like I do, you can’t zip-tie things to the cage in the center. I carry a 5.11 PUSH pack draped over the passenger head rest. I have a few goodies in there, as well as my ticket book, law book, and pens etc. A person could sit in the seat if they didn’t mind the bag in their back. I chose the PUSH Pack due to another feature. It has a quick-connect buckle on the strap, so the bag doubles as my bail-out bag. A press on the buckle and its free. I carry two spare mags for my duty weapon and my back up gun in there. I also have a fixed-blade knife hidden but reachable from the driver's seat as well. It’s small but carries a lot. All my spare gear and stuff goes in the trunk. ”

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