Adjustable combat pistol sights for Sig Sauer P226

Both the front and rear sight are quality made with well-thought-out no-snag rounded edges

I wanted some nice adjustable sights for my Sig Sauer P226 and after a little internet research, these MMC Adjustable Tactical Sights were the best looking ones I could find.

Originally I ordered the sights with a white bar in the notch of the rear sight, but despite the mix up I'm happy with what I ended up with.

The tritium bars are a good shape contrast with the dot as opposed to 3 dot sights. I wish the dot and bars were a little better aligned so the top of the front and rear sights would be flush. As is, the bars and dots line up with the front sight a smidgn' high.

The sights aren't super hi-viz in the day, but the tritium really stands out in the dark with no light charging needed. MMC was happy to take my slide for a pro installation of the sights free of charge.

Both the front and rear sight are quality made with well-thought-out no-snag rounded edges. Adjustability is fairly easy with the included allen wrenches.

The right side of the rear sight adjusts elevation and two set screws in the back allow one to loosen the sight to adjust for windage.

Although the instructions say the sights have 22 settings, mine only seemed to have 14. Check out the 2nd to last picture for the min and max elevation adjustment.

These sights treated me great on a recent blasting trip. Let’s hope it stays that way as I get some more time logged in on them.

About the author

Despite The Monkey's interest in all things tactical, his main skill set is art and design. After he graduated from college, he joined the Army Game Project team. Although his work starts in the public domain, it transitions to the full gov/training side, which he hopes will help save lives.

His status as a DOD Contractor for the US Army is not considered full military; however, the Project is a great way for him to serve with his unique skill set of videogame art and design. His morale patches are another example of using his art skills to add a little amusement in the MIL/LEO/GOV systems. He knows they won't change the world, but he's happy to see them put a smile on a service person's face when times aren't always so pleasant.

He does his best to gather tactical knowledge and participate in training, but you will never hear him claim to be some high-speed cool guy you need to listen to. He doesn't mind looking a little goofy if it helps service people learn a little more about gear. He hopes this helps them get what is best for their needs, allowing them to focus on more important things. When he reviews items, he makes sure to use them the same way a serviceperson would in order to determine if the product does what it is designed to do while being strong enough to survive hard use.

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