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Evidence and Document Modules Added To Equipment and Inventory Manager For Law Enforcement


Redmond, Wash., February 21, 2013 - Dynamic Systems, Inc., a leader in data collection applications has announced 2 new modules for The Checkmate Law Enforcement Equipment & Inventory Manger. This solution can be used by public safety agencies such as Sheriffs, SWAT, Police, FBI, CIA, and Corrections.  

About Dynamic Systems (DSI)
For over 30 years DSI has been providing reliable and innovative systems that enable departments to work safely and efficiently. The Evidence and Document Tracking have been added to the Checkmate suite of barcode tracking solutions that include Inventory, Equipment Tracking, Fixed Assets, Document Tracking, and ID Badge Printer Systems. Bar code data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking or counting items.

Checkmate Evidence Module Improves Productivity
DSI Checkmate Evidence module provides Law Enforcement Agencies a better way to track chain of custody, decrease time to process evidence and make it easy to produce case documents and evidence for prosecuting attorneys. The program also tracks destruction of evidence, how it was disposed of and who was involved. The system will easily interface with existing RMS and other Programs and assures the integrity and status of items in the Property Room. The system can use color coded labels in the Evidence Room to distinguish categories of evidence.

Checkmate Document Tracking
DSI Document Tracking will allow agencies to quickly know what paper work and documents have been checked out to courts and labs, what eviction notices have been served, accident reports, and where civil papers are. The system saves time, makes it easier for prosecuting attorneys to find case files and allows officers to get back to serving the community.  The Checkmate system is flexible and can be customized to for any agency’s requirements.  

“It’s affordable for almost all agencies, even those with just a few employees,” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant.

Contact:  Rob Freeman, V.P. Business Development
800-342-3999; robf@dsisales.com

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