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Danner explains custom boot program

How much time do you spend on your feet? An Oregon company called Danner is betting that the ability to design custom boots – made to order for perfect comfort, stability, and durability – will appeal to police customers. You can read the press release here, but PoliceOne wanted to get some more information so we emailed the folks at Danner to tell us about the program.

“We've been making boots for the outdoor and work industries for 76 years and now we're giving our customers the opportunity to craft their own one-of-a kind myDanner boot,” Danner spokesperson Lindsay Sandor told PoliceOne. “Law enforcement professionals have been Danner customers for years…they have relied upon Danner for the best footwear to help them do their jobs safely and effectively. Whether they're in hot pursuit of criminals or out patrolling for extensive periods of time, any cop will attest to the importance of high quality, comfortable boots.”

Sandor goes on to explain that the program is a great opportunity for them to take their boots to the next level - to customize them to suit their exact needs.”

Officers can choose components (fabric, leather, hardware, insulation, laces and outsole options, etc), view an image of what their design will look like with the selected options, and about two weeks after placing their order can receive their boots. For the truly enthusiastic, officers can visit Portland for a visit that includes a factory tour.  Sandor says that those who choose the "Experience" package have to pay for their flight to Oregon, but Danner "provides hotel, transportation, factory tour, boot fitting, and of course the boots."   

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