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New GPS technology tracks suspects in pursuit

The StarChase system shoots a tracking device in the suspect's vehicle from the patrol vehicle

By Shannon Murray

AUSTIN — Austin police hope new technology will help them catch bad guys and keep you safe at the same time.  The department is rolling out new technology they hope will keep innocent bystanders out of harm’s way. 

The StarChase system is put on the front of an officer's vehicle. In a pursuit, a dart will shoot out of the device and stick to the suspect's car, giving police a live look at where the car is going through GPS tracking. 

"That will afford our officers the chance to step away, to disengage and we will, from the real time crime center, be able to track the suspect," Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo explained. "When you deploy the system and officers back down, a majority of the times the suspect will slow down and the suspect is brought to justice without the violent crashes."

The pilot program is now in action. APD said if it proves successful they'll look for grants to put the $4,900 system in every patrol car.

Full Story: APD says new technology will track suspects in a pursuit

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