IACP 2012 video interview: End-X Systems

The patent-pending PT1100 enables officers to deploy Stop Sticks from within their squad car

Editor’s Note:

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to our friends at TASER International for equipping me with the TASER AXON Flex body-worn video camera and Evidence.com digital evidence management solution for secure video storage and retrieval.

During IACP 2012, I was moving at high speed across the trade show floor when I spun around in a full 180, backtracked a step, and came to an abrupt stop. It was as if I had walked right through a set of deployed Stop Sticks.

I spoke with Len Bettendorf, founder of End-X Systems, about the invention he hopes will help keep officers safer when attempting to end high-speed pursuits. Bettendorf’s patent-pending PT1100 enables officers to deploy Stop Sticks from within their squad car, potentially preventing incalculable peril for patrol. The PT1100 allows officers to deploy three Stop Sticks into the roadway — at different distances so that more than a full lane is covered in one deployment— from the safety of the driver’s seat.

This is a product that — in my humble opinion — has the potential to be a game changer for patrol officers attempting to safely stop high-speed pursuits. 

Check out the video.

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