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Cumberland, R.I. - Come see B-Safe Industries at the 2013 Police Security Expo in Atlantic City, N.J. on June 25-26th. Products showcased will include:

Unstoppable Assault Entry Kits! - Hopefully you would never go to the prom without a date, so don’t go on a mission without the right tools. Our sets are the economical way to ensure you have what you need to ruin a bad guy’s good time. "The Heavy Duty" Tactical Entry Set includes a 50lb Ram with Sling, Super Go Bar with Sling, 10lb Sledge, 35.5" Bolt Cutter, and a 2 in 1 Go Bar Kit.

Innovative Door Jam Spreaders! - This versatile tool can be used to open doors by forcing the jambs apart with three tons of horizontal force. Great when you are looking for the “Do Not Disturb” entry. This comes with a tactical adjustable sling, Shove it knife and black cordura nylon carry bag. The Jamb spreader can also be used for shoring, cribbing and rescue operations. This product is virtually noiseless, instantly adjustable, and exerts over three tons of force.

Mountable Tool Mount Kits! - The perfect NEW tool mount kit, so you don't go on a mission without the right tools.

Entry Kit/Duffel Bags - These NEW bags fit most kits and come with a padded detachable shoulder strap. Compression straps will ensure a secure load and the bag is perfect for long hauls - with stowable, padded backpack straps.

Financing Available. For more information, call (401) 305-3134 or visit us online at www.swatools.com.

About B-Safe Industries
B-Safe has consistently supplied the finest forcible entry tools and tools for rescue for law enforcement, military, fire departments and rescue crews for over 20 years resulting in saved lives and successful missions. We not only offer the products but offer certification training, by experienced instructors that are members of the law enforcement community.

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