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Photoscene.net and Trancite Logic Systems Partnership

Companies and individuals sign up with Photoscene.net and contact the agency when an incident, such as an automotive accident, worker’s compensation claim, or robbery, occurs. Photoscene.net quickly dispatches a trained scene technician who documents the scene by collecting evidence and posting them online for insurance claims, damage appraisals, and company reports. Thanks to the recent partnership of Photoscene.net and Trancite Logic Systems, these reports will now include two-dimensional scene diagramming via Easy Street Draw.

This diagramming addition will help to provide a holistic perspective of the scene and context in which the evidence photos may be placed, further strengthening incident reports. Photoscene.net strives “To provide fast, high quality, comprehensive visual material to the claims industry allowing for better claims collaboration through the automated visual exchange of ideas and opinions.” Thanks to Trancite Logic Systems, it can now do so more easily.

The updated site, including the new tools and solutions, was launched nationally on March 1st with the free public application scheduled to roll out on March 15th. By now including Easy Street Draw in its reports, Photoscene.net is furthering its commitment to “Easy, Fast and Secure” solutions.

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