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HAIX Announces its New Footwear Repair Program

LEXINGTON, KY - HAIX® a leading manufacturer of high quality fire fighting, rescue, and law enforcement footwear, announces the development of the HAIX® repair and resole program in collaboration with NuShoe, Inc.

To further HAIX® North America’s commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service, HAIX® has teamed with NuShoe, Inc. to provide a comprehensive repair and resole program using only HAIX® originally manufactured materials and processes which adheres to the rigorous technical standards required by HAIX®.

Out of warranty HAIX® footwear can be completely refurbished through a resole package. This package includes any necessary replacement or repair of stitching, toe caps, zippers, hardware, and soles. Footwear will be also be cleaned, and receive new laces and insoles. HAIX® footwear owners also have the option of a sole replacement only or a toe cap replacement only. Footwear has the ability to be mailed via U.S. mail in a postage paid mailing bag and can be returned to your door in two to four weeks. All footwear in the HAIX® line up can be resoled, adding extra life to those already broken in pair of boots.

About HAIX®:
HAIX® is a producer of functional and innovative footwear. Our high-tech products fulfill the highest requirements regarding function, quality and design. HAIX® is committed to providing the market with the best footwear for the fire services, rescue and law enforcement industries. HAIX® is quality from Germany.


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