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Damascus Introduces Unique "Rolled Fingertip" Design

This unique design concept first introduced into the law enforcement industry from Damascus Protective Gear® is now being added to additional styles in our line…

Already featured in several of our best selling high-performance models such as the specialized X1 V-Force™ puncture and cut resistant gloves and the MX40 AXIM™ Adaptive cool gloves, our customers are able to instantly feel the difference in sensitivity.

For certain specific styles, such as those in our V-Force™ line*, this feature allows for maximum dexterity when searching and/or shooting. Since these styles incorporate multiple layers of Super Fabric® in the fingertips (for puncture resistance), the lack of seams in the tip area makes all of the difference in sensitivity.

With so many glove styles in our line made for so many specific duties, no one particular glove cut, design, or concept works for them all. However, we're sure you'll notice the performance enhancements provided when wearing one of our gloves incorp- orating our unique Rolled Fingertips.

*Look for this design feature in the new and improved X3, X4, and X5 V-Force™ models, as well as some of our brand new styles forthcoming.

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