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Breakthrough Performance & Technology: New V-Force™ Puncture & Cut Resistant Search Gloves From Damascus

Damascus Inc., known for decades as the premium quality brand for police and military hand wear, has just introduced a new advanced line of search gloves which surpass all others in the industry made for "puncture" or cut resistance.

"What specifically makes these new search gloves so significant for our market is not just that they have proven to be unsurpassed in cut and puncture performance compared to anything in the market, but that they offer such a substantial amount of hand flexibility. The flexibility, dexterity and design in conjunction with performance make them the best available option for law enforcement…

Many companies have tried to offer puncture resistance in protective hand wear for law enforcement use, but they have failed or fallen short because the gloves are either too stiff for officers to use or have had very disappointing puncture resistance performance.", said Josh Cranford, VP of Sales & Marketing for Damascus, Inc.

The key component of the new high-performance search gloves from Damascus is a patented SuperFabric(r) brand material combination from HDM, Inc. specifically made for this law enforcement application.

This material provides the user the best available protection from hypodermic needle sticks, and other sharp or pointy objects. The gloves also offer a superb grip when suspect restraint is needed.

In recent independent laboratory performance testing done at Texas Research Institute, Inc. the gloves were compared to the nearest competing product style with excelling results. The Damascus models with SuperFabric(r) brand out- performed in every way. Further, when tested to NIJ standards they ranked in the highest possible category for cut and puncture / tear performance for gloves.

The new glove series featuring SuperFabricO brand material is a part of the forthcoming HAND ARMOR XTREME (TM) line from Damascus. The first styles are the V-FORCE (TM) #X2 which is a leather design with SuperFabric(r) brand material in both finger tips and palms, and the V-FORCE (TM) #X3 which is a stylish model with SuperFabric(r) brand in palm and finger tips, plus the addition of Kevlar (TM) on the backs of hands.

The gloves and the technology are exclusively available for law enforcement search gloves only from Damascus Inc. through it's authorized distributors.

SPECIAL OFFER: All law enforcement agencies are invited to request Test & Evaluation samples to experience the V-FORCE (TM) performance personally. Requests should be made in writing on department or agency letterhead and faxed toll-free to: 800-305-2417.

Comparative Test Results:

Damascus Glove Test Results

Damascus Glove Test Results

For more information, please contact us below:

Damascus Worldwide, Inc. 63 Wales St. - Rutland, VT 05701
(800) 451-4167 Toll Free
(802) 747-0446
(802) 773-3919 FAX or (877) 326-2728

Email: info@handarmor.com
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