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Tru-Spec Introduces First Three Layers of Product-Improved, Military-Style Cold Weather Clothing System

Marietta, Georgia—TRU-SPEC, the acknowledged leader in the development of cutting edge duty apparel for military, law enforcement and other public service personnel, has introduced the first three layers of its own multi-layer system of cold weather apparel. The new TRU-SPECâ Compatible ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System) will meet or exceed the construction and performance criteria for the U.S. military’s current Gen3 system.

Ultimately, the TRU-SPEC Compatible ECWCS will be available in seven layers of protection – similar to the military version – making it one of the most versatile cold weather systems available on the commercial market. However, by offering the three base layers of the system first, TRU-SPEC is ensuring that law enforcement personnel and consumers have access to the most popular, comfortable and multi-functional components of the system a little sooner than those elements which are used slightly less often. These three base items are commonly worn by military personnel on a daily basis, both on-duty and off-duty.

The three base layer garments currently being offered by TRU-SPEC include:

TRU-SPEC Layer I: Lightweight, Cold Weather Undershirt and Drawers
These highly breathable, moisture-wicking, lightweight undergarments are quality-constructed in TRU-SPEC’S factory from 3.7 ounce TRU-SPEC Performance Plus 100% polyester plaited jersey knit, a virtual match of the current military version. The fabric literally “wicks” moisture away from the skin to the outer layers of clothing, making these lightweight tops and bottoms extremely popular all-day garments that provide great warmth without weight, quick drying and easy packability. As an enhancement over the military garments, both of the TRU-SPEC Level I garments are constructed with Microbanâ, a powerful antimicrobial and odor-fighting agent that is added at the time of manufacture.  The crewneck shirts feature a contoured long tail and thumbholes in the sleeves to simplify adding additional layers of clothing; the drawers feature an elastic waistband and access fly.
Colors: Desert Sand or Black

TRU-SPEC Layer II: Mid-Weight Cold Weather Shirt and Drawers
The second layer adds warmth without adding much weight or jeopardizing the wearer’s comfort. The mid-weight Layer II collared and zip-front shirt and long drawers are constructed from 6.6 ounce TRU-SPEC Performance Plus 93% polyester/7% spandex plaited grid jersey knit. The grid fleece pattern on the inside is designed for maximum breathability and improved moisture wicking properties. Both Level II garments provide light insulation in mild cold and an additional layer of protection in really frigid conditions. Like the Level I garments, both the shirt and drawers are constructed with Microban â to resist odors and unwanted contaminants.  
Colors: Desert Sand or Black

TRU-SPEC Layer III: Fleece Weight Cold Weather Jacket
This handsome, rugged jacket is the single most popular component of the military’s seven-layer ECWCS system and is used with equal frequency and effectiveness as a stand-alone jacket or as an additional layer of insulation. The Layer III jacket is constructed of 6.4 ounce Polartecâ Thermal Proâ 100% polyester high-pile-velour fabric, a high technology fabric which creates air pockets that trap air to retain body heat, thus providing unmatched warmth without adding weight. The material is also very quick drying, affords excellent breathability, and packs down into a very compact size. Features include:

-Center front opening;
-Raglan sleeves;
-Grid fleece side panels for increased breathability and enhanced moisture wicking;
-Two internal upper chest pockets;
-Nylon reinforcements at the collar and elbows;
-Name and rank loop on right and left chest.
Colors: Foliage Green or Black

TRU-SPEC Compatible ECWCS is available only from Tru-Spec dealers and distributors. For a list of dealers, visit the Tru-Spec website at www.truspec.com. Or, call Tru-Spec at 1-800-241-9414.

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