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Elbeco Introduces New Line of Fire-Retardant Uniforms

Acquisition brings new products, technology to industry leader

READING, PA,  — Elbeco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of professional performance uniforms, will introduce in February its new line of fire-retardant and tactical uniforms. These protective products, added to the Elbeco stock product line through its acquisition of California-based Transcon Manufacturing, already enjoy a loyal customer base among law enforcement, firefighting, correctional, military, and EMT personnel world-wide.

“We will now be able to offer our public and fire safety customers NFPA-certified FR and tactical uniforms,” says David Lurio, President of the Reading-based producer of police, fire, EMS, tactical, and U.S. Postal Service uniforms. “We’re merging Transcon’s product experience with Elbeco’s sourcing and supply chain capabilities to provide our customers with superior products backed by the best customer service and field support in the industry.”

The FR and tactical product line-up has a rich history, dating back to Transcon’s development of the first utility jumpsuit for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in the early 1960s. Later, Transcon developed its now famous tactical uniform series, using the traditional uniforms of the U.S. Military as a model, but replacing button closures with zipper and Velcro closure systems. This innovative uniform was adopted by the Los Angeles Police Department, which remains a customer.

Transcon expanded its NOMEX FR product line in the 1980s to meet the needs of the California Department of Forestry, introducing FR Brush Gear jackets and pants for Wildland fire fighters. Today, Transcon Brush Gear remains the top choice among fire safety and news agencies around the country.

In the 1990s, Transcon developed lighter, more comfortable NOMEX station wear shirts and trousers, which were adopted first by the Los Angeles City Fire Department and then in quick succession by many of the nation’s leading firefighting agencies.

Following the 1994 Loma Prieta earthquake south of San Francisco, Transcon perceived a need for a heavy-duty uniform to be used by rescue teams. This led to the development of Transcon’s innovative Urban Search and Rescue, or USR, uniform—a NOMEX jumpsuit featuring padded elbows and knees for extradition missions.

“We’re proud to offer these quality uniforms along with our other products,” says Lurio. “They’re manufactured right here in the U.S. in a facility that is ISO 9001-2000 registered. That means we employ a set of quality management standards that ensures our products meet the highest quality requirements.”

Elbeco manufactures professional performance uniforms for police, tactical, fire, and emergency medical technicians, as well as for U.S. Postal Service employees and airline crews. Since 1907, Elbeco has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of the finest quality uniform garments in the industry. Today, Elbeco continues that tradition by offering uniforms enhanced with advanced technology features that offer greater comfort, value, and style for customers worldwide. Elbeco uniforms are available through its over 500 authorized dealers worldwide. For more information please visit www.elbeco.com.


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