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The finest hand and eye protection available to military special forces operations is starring in a new action TV series, “Combat Missions.”

Hatch Corporation of Oxnard, CA, provided some of its newest law enforcement/military products to give the show added authenticity.

Produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor, Eco-Challenge), Combat Missions is an hour-long USA Network show that pits four teams of battle-proven contestants against each other in authentic combat training, hostage rescues, enemy attacks and urban assaults.

Hatch equipped all contestants in the final episodes with its B.O.S.S. 6000 Ballistic Optical Safety System eyewear, designed in cooperation with SWAT professionals for tactical teams. Hatch also provided “The Operator™” gloves to protect contestants against heat, cuts and abrasions.

Combat Missions is a 15-week series located at “Camp Windstorm,” located in the Mojave Desert in California. All contestants are former Green Beret, Marine Recon, Navy SEAL, Delta Force, CEA Special Ops members. During the shows, they must endure grueling contests, punishing exercises and brutal military missions.

The show employs MILES 2000, a sophisticated laser-based military training system that allows contestants to simulate live fire with infrared laser impulses from the same weapons and vehicles used in actual combat.

Hatch’s new B.O.S.S. 2000 system of eye protection has replaceable parts, can be worn under helmets and won’t interfere with shooting.

The B.O.S.S. 6000 features the world’s first aircraft alloy frame that will not flex or deteriorate like traditional rubber or plastic goggles. This anti-flex feature is important because it delivers the only tactical eye protection with 100% pure and stable optics. The sleek design of the B.O.S.S. 6000 does not interfere with riflescopes or other sights, as many other tactical goggles do.

“The Operator” gloves allow tactical officers to perform with surgical precision, according to Hatch. The Operator’s Kevlar® construction provides twice the cut-resistance of leather, as well as heat and flame protection beyond 800 degrees F.

An elasticized wrist keeps the glove taut, while an elasticized gauntlet keeps out foreign objects and prevents snagging. Cut-Ring™ stitching on the index finger allows optional removal for trigger control, without unraveling the remaining edge.

Hatch Corporation, founded in 1967, is well known throughout the world as the leading manufacturer of gloves and protective gear for law enforcement, military, corrections and tactical officers. For a current copy of Hatch’s product catalog contact:


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