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What's a Hoo-Rag?

The Rag Explained

There are a ton of ways to wear the Hoo-Rag. Here are some ideas:

Pony Tail Rag: If you want to keep your hair out of your face, and not look like a tiny Chewbacca, try Pony Tail Rag style. Use your Hoo-Rag to tie up your hair, and rest assured that you are rocking the sweetest possible pony tail accessory on the market, and do not resemble a Wookie.

Face Rag: Perfect for desert journeys, ranching, and paintball, Face Rag style boasts extreme versatility and protection. Cover your mouth and nose with your Hoo-Rag to prevent dust, dirt, and non-toxic paint from getting into your lungs.

Alice Rag: Who needs a beret when you can simply wear Alice Rag style. with the design and style of your choice. Wrap your favorite Hoo-Rag around your hair to keep it up and out of your face, all while lending to your air of mystery and sensuality.

Balaclava Rag: For maximum protection from the sun, or maximum anonymity, Balaclava Rag style takes care of business. Cover your entire face except for your eyes and achieve complete Hoo-Rag ninja status, a new breed of ninja that wears sunglasses.

Head Band Rag: Nothing says sweetness more than rocking Head Band Rag style with your favorite design. Wrap the Hoo-Rag around your forehead and keep hair and sweat out of your eyes, and make yourself look like John McEnroe. Which is awesome.

Neck Rag: Sure to drive the boys crazy ladies, is the classy and sassy Neck Rag style. Wrap your stylish Hoo-Rag around your neck to draw some attention, and immediately transform into a cowgirl or Daphne from Scooby Doo.

Pirate Rag: There's a little bit of "Arrr Matey" in all of us, which is why you rock the Pirate Rag style. Pillage and plunder in a friendly and responsible way by wrapping your Hoo-Rag completely around the top of your head, and covering your skull.

The Neck Warmer: Perfect for partying outside on cold nights, or when shredding on th slopes, the Neck Warmer style is the perfect way to look stylish while keeping your neck and throat warm. No one likes having a frozen neck, we feel your pain.

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