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Fire Powder – the SWAT Life Charitable Effort with Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Central Florida - The end of May 2013 saw the beginning of a charitable effort between SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  The effort included the sale of a premium-blackened spice whose entire proceeds would be donated to the SOWF. The effort recently closed out at the start of 2014 and in just a few months raised $1,000 dollars.

That money donated, from one brotherhood to another, will further serve the SOWF efforts in college educations for the children of fallen Army, Navy, Air Force and marine Corps special operations personnel or for the immediate financial assistance to families of severely wounded special operations troops.

“SOWF is one of the premier non-profits that work in support of brethren in Special Operations.  It is incredibly important to us to be a part of supporting those who step up in defense of this country, whether abroad or at home. We are thankful for the opportunity to give.”  Cleyton Bray, CEO SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity.

Want more information?
See what you can do and where you can donate to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation at www.specialops.org

Learn more about SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity and how they support Special Operations and Special Weapons and Tactics through charitable efforts and custom apparel, and more, at www.swatlifebrothers.com

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