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New TurtleSkin Patrol Glove Provides Slash Protection Throughout Entire Glove

TurtleSkin Patrol Glove New Ipswich - Warwick recently introduced their new TurtleSkin Patrol Glove. The TurtleSkin Patrol Glove has a 100% aramid knit liner that provides slash protection over the entire glove. The palm is made from soft synthetic leather for better grip and to allow officers to perform their duties with superb dexterity. The new TurtleSkin Glove also has a soft neoprene backing for thermal protection and added comfort.

"Our new Patrol glove is one of the most comfortable gloves on the market," says Jerry St. Pierre, who after 20 years as a police officer now heads up sales for the TurtleSkin Law Enforcement Glove product line. "With the soft feel of leather and neoprene, and an adjustable closure at the wrist, it is easy and comfortable to wear knowing you have cut protection everywhere."

TurtleSkin is a line of protective materials manufactured by Warwick Mills.
A TurtleSkin material was also used in the crash bags for NASA's Mars Spirit and Opportunity Rover landings. TurtleSkin materials are also used in demanding applications such as high altitude airships, the world's largest single-masted sail, and rubber reinforcement material for the fuel injection in the Ford F-150. Other product lines include protective suits for water blasting operators, snake-resistant gaiters, chaps and pants for hunters, and bicycle tire liners for flat prevention. For more information, please visit www.turtleskin.com

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