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Boot care and maintenance


Dirt can be harmful to your boots, keeping them clean will prolong their lifespan. We recommend using a moist, soft brush or rag to scrub away any dirt. If they are extremely dirty use a boot cleaner. Let them sit out to dry. Do not use heat! It will cause damage to the leather and adhesives used on the outsole.


Some Magnum styles already come waterproofed. However, it is still a good idea to treat the leather once in a while to keep it in top performance condition. We recommend water-based formulas. They perform better and don't over soften leather and harm fabric like some petroleum or animal based formulas can.


Maintaining proper leather appearance and quality can help keep your boots looking like new, applying a good conditioner will do just that. We recommend using a water-based formula, it won?t over soften or harm leathers and fabrics.

Keeping a shine

Sometimes between regular boot care cleanings the leather will lose it's luster and shine. For everyday polishing we recommend a polish cloth or sponge of the color of your boot.


Outsole materials and glue are very sensitive to heat. It's best to avoid direct contact with heat sources. It can cause damage to the leather and glue used on the outsole and possibly cause separation.

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