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Be safe – armor up!

The lead news article today on PoliceOne – Officers at risk by resisting armor – states that as many as half of this country’s police officers choose to not wear protective armor “all or part of the time.”  In an article posted to PoliceOne just last week – FBI releases 2007 statistics on officer deaths, assaults – we reported that 57 officers were murdered in 2007, and in today's article from the USA Today it was starkly pointed out that among those police officers murdered, more than one-third were not wearing body armor.

Meanwhile, statistics from IACP included in yet another article posted today to PoliceOne show that more than 3,000 officers have been “saved from fatal or potentially disabling injuries by body armor” since 1987.

Find a reason, find a way
The above numbers don’t make any sense when you put them together. Or at the very least, these numbers cause a person to stop and wonder, “If wearing armor is saving thousands of officers, and not wearing armor is leading to the tragic loss of even a single officer, then why are officers not wearing armor?”

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