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OfficerStore.com Delivers New Hard Plate Carriers and Plates by Point Blank and Paraclete

Coatesville, PA (OfficerStore.com) – OfficerStore.com has worked together with Point Blank and Paraclete to offer hard plate carriers and hard plates to an ever increasing number of law enforcement and special forces personnel facing increasing threat levels in the world today. Don’t respond to another active shooter scene or deploy on another special mission without the protection and operational flexibility you need. 
Point Blank realizes active shooter incidents are happening more frequently than ever before. Often the first on scene is a patrol officer protected by a SBA concealable vest that is rated for handgun round protection. As soon a patrol rifle is deployed the number one rule of body armor, stop what you carry, is violated unless the Officer “up-armors” to meet the higher threat level. Since their SCB concealable vest will not protect from rifle threats officers need Rifle Rated Hard Armor Plates (Level IV) readily available.
The all new Point Blank Stand Alone Plate Carrier with Plates is designed to meet the demand for additional protection that can be quickly and easily donned. Their Active Shooter Kits are offered in a choice of Level IV, NIJ .05 or NIJ .06 Plates along with an advanced design carrier. 
The Level IV, NIJ .05 or NIJ .06 Plates are offered in a Shooters Cut featuring trimmed corners. By removing material from shoulder area this allows the officer to get the best stock mount possible with their patrol rifle. The NIJ .06 version adds drop protection to the NIJ .05 plate, protecting plates from damage due to an accidental drop. Both versions (NIJ .05 and NIJ .06) can also be used as true stand-alone plates and do not require soft armor backers to provide their advertised ballistic protection.  
The advanced Plate Carrier design allows for quick donning over an Officers soft armor, to “up-armor” for most any rifle threat they may face. Constructed of 500 denier 100% nylon the carrier also has padded inserts behind plates for added comfort. The exterior is covered with a MOLLE compatible webbing system to mount accessory pouches for ammo, a radio or First Aid Kit. A man-down strap is integrated as well. The top of both the front and back panels also features Velcro coverage for mounting POLICE identifiers (sold separately).
Paraclete’s Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier (SOHPC) is the choice for today’s Special Operations Forces. It is PARACLETE’s latest hard plate carrier and more. From Anti-terrorist and Tactical Team use to Medical Personnel and Security Detail anyone facing hazards from ballistics, fragments or impacts will find this carrier not only supports protective plates but also for plates to be inserted into the side closures.  It’s innovative designed provides unmatched comfort, protection and flexibility to meet the configuration needs of every member of the team.
The hard plate carrier accommodates 10” X 12” hard plates in front and back. It also has side closures with internal side plate pockets that can also hold standard 6" X 6" and low-profile hard plates. Plate location can be adjusted for comfort and securely held in place with Mil Spec hook and loop straps and an innovative flap closure system. Side closure includes cummerbund and an adjustable elastic harness to provide a snug fit and accommodate multiple waist sizes. The removable cummerbund easily converts into lightweight stand-alone plate carrier. Padded shoulders provide increased comfort during long-term wear.
A reinforced “Man-Down” strap aids in quick extraction when necessary. Maximum 360º MOLLE compatible webbing accommodates all PARACLETE and MOLLE-compatible modular pouches for a truly mission-specific configuration. The SOHPC is a carrier only, no ballistics are included (can be ordered with ballistics upon request. Call 800-852-6088 to speak to a Law Enforcement Specialist today about your specific needs.
About OfficerStore.com and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.
OfficerStore.com, a division of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc., offers product lines from more than 400 manufacturers. Witmer Public Safety Group's motto is Equipping Heroes™ and this continues as they extend their commitment to provide the industry's best equipment and supplies to the professional men and women who serve to ensure the public's safety. For additional information, please call (800) 852-6088 or visit OfficerStore.com.



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