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  • How to buy body armor (eBook)

    Download this PoliceOne body armor buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation

  • QuadCurve: How ATS Armor provides the most comfortable protection available

    The ergonomic design of these ballistic plates hugs the body for increased safety, comfort and ease of movement

  • Lighter, stronger, more affordable: the next generation of body armor

    ATS Armor founding partner Brian Beckwith discusses how the company leverages technology and design to forge better ballistic protection

  • 5 things to know when buying body armor

    Identifying your threat level and finding the right fit are key concerns when it comes to choosing ballistic protection

  • PoliceOne Roundtable: What's new in NIJ .06 body armor?


    Now that the standard is well established and there are dozens of choices for purchase, we decided to connect with four industry experts to get a handle on what’s new in .06 body armor

  • How to buy correctional armor

    By Mark S. Bajko According to the 2008 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of correctional officers in the United States will grow from its current level of 518,200 to 566,500 in 2018. Pris...

  • Riot, hostage situation ends at Texas prison


    The riot started when the body of an inmate who died of natural causes was removed from the prison.The Associated PressPECOS, Texas — An uprising at a privately run prison in West Texas ended Satur...

  • O.C. inmates locked down again

    By Stuart PfeiferThe Los Angeles TimesORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — Inmates at Orange County's Men's Central Jail have been placed on lockdown because of an April 29 fight involving several black and Lat...

  • Escapee nabbed after 32 years


    Former fugitive drawing sympathy The Associated PressSANTEE, Calif. — Marie Walsh kept a low profile for 32 years, trying to escape her past life as Susan LeFevre.She raised three children with her...

  • Fla. jail evacuated due to fire

    The Associated PressMIAMI, Fla. — A jail in northwest Miami-Dade County was evacuated Monday when winds began blowing a nearby brush fire in the facility's direction.The blaze was about half a mile...

  • Getting intel from probation and parole officers


    As a Probation & Parole Officer I often encourage our local LEOs to contact me or our office if they want any additional intelligence on some of their repeat offenders. This is especially true if a...

  • Enhancing grip strength


    Video:  Broadband   Download Windows Media Player In this week's PoliceOne Video Tip, provided by the Police Officers Safety Association (POSA), Jeff Brooks, a police officer and martial arts exper...

  • 12 tips for cultivating the practice of courtesy


    By Gary T. Klugiewicz Lessons Learned and Lost – 12 tips for cultivating the practice of courtesy It’s amazing to me how many painful lessons we learn in the police and correctional arenas that are...

  • A $1 solution for microphone issues


    I've come up with a $1.00 solution for those who have had difficulty finding the right place to secure their lapel microphone on their uniform without it falling off during a foot chase or have wor...

  • Finding mistakes before they bite you

    The importance of searching prisoners before turning them over to another officer/jail cannot be understated. In fact, many street officers conduct only a visual search or a frisk search on their p...

  • Improvised correctional staff defensive weapons


    I carry a regular hair comb.  It is an unbreakable comb that I carry all the time.  Although you cannot stab with the comb, it can be used very effectively to slash with to keep you or your fellow ...

  • Don't toss your expired vest, use it to keep yourself safer


    Rather than throw away my recently expired ballastic vest, I had "POLICE" patches sewn on the front & back. The vest is kept in the trunk of my personal car. When off-duty, I now have a ballastic v...

  • Edged weapon awareness


    Download the video Download Windows Media Player Today's PoliceOne Video Tip of the Week, provided by the Law Enforcement Training Network explores a variety of commercially available edged weaponr...

  • Drug concealment reminder


    Twice I have found drugs on suspects that other officers have patted down. They used tape to hide drugs inside their shirt sleeves near the hem. It's easy to miss this during a quick pat down. I al...

  • Concealable body armor — Proper fit, care, and maintenance


    Body armor is one of the most important investments you and your agency will ever make in helping protect you. To get the most out of your body armor, it is important to make sure your vest fits pr...

  • Getting the most use out of departmental equipment


    Video:Broadband  Dialup Download Windows Media PlayerIn this week’s PoliceOne Video Tip, Training Officer Gary Monreal from New Berlin (WI) PD shares a way for agencies to ensure that protective eq...

  • The Virtual Blade


    Video:  Broadband  Dialup Download Windows Media Player In this week's PoliceOne Video Tactical Tip, P1 Trainer Gary Klugiewicz explains the benefits of using a "Virtual Blade" during edged weapons...

  • How to avoid "disappearing hands"


    Video:  Broadband  Dialup Download Windows Media Player In this week's PoliceOne Video Tip, Bob "Coach" Lindsay discusses the concept of "disappearing hands" and illustrates positioning strategies ...

  • Simulated weapons safety

    Video:  Broadband  Dialup Download Windows Media Player In this sample out-take from the Police Officers Safety Association (POSA) video Force-on-Force Simulation Instructor for Law Enforcement, a ...

  • Watch for hidden sharp objects

    Razorblades, needles, and other small, sharp objects can be hidden easily...even on the head. These tiny, yet potentially deadly, weapons are hidden/taped behind suspects' ears, under bangs, or on ...

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