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10-24Products Introduces Their Concealable Body Armor, Backup Pistol Pouch for Uniformed Officers

10-24Products.com Launches Website and Flagship Product After Heavy Interest at the 2008 Shot Show

WESTON, Fl. – 10-24Products introduces a backup pistol pouch designed to affix to almost any concealable body armor available today. The pouch is light, durable and made in the United States. The pouches are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

10-24Products is a new company started by a local Police Officer who was originally interested in providing himself a comfortable and effective option for carrying his backup pistol on duty. The project involved product testing and garnered much support from the fellow officers involved in testing it. This interest drove the officer to seek and achieve Patent Pending Status and begin production of the product for availability to officers.

10-24Products is committed to providing the law enforcement community a high quality, American made, long lasting product that effectively stows a backup weapon for the officer in a secure, yet readily accessible fashion. The company understands the serious nature of road patrol work and is driven to produce a product that is not a gimmick but a piece of equipment that truly fills a need and serves to make an officer better prepared to perform  his or her duties in an increasingly violent environment.

10-24Products has additional products in development which will include an executive version to be worn sans vest and under a dress shirt, as well as an “SF” version to work with the MOLLE system for soldiers and contractors who must wear bulkier outer armor. These products will focus on professionals who require a more discrete or creative way of providing themselves an effective manner for deploying backup pistols both here at home and abroad.

Back Up Pistol Pouch Features:

  • NO vest modification required
  • Attaches in seconds
  • Completely ambidextrous
  • Two ways to secure a trauma plate
  • Securely holds the pistol with no movement or constant adjusting, even during foot chases
  • Accessible from the seated position, even a vehicle.
  • Comfortable
  • Easily fits a variety of pistols and revolvers from the smallest to midsize auto pistols including the Glock 19/23 pistols.

Source: 10-24 Products www.10-24products.com
Contact Peter Roccisano of 10-24 Products 754-224-0249 or peter@10-24products.com

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