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Protective Products International’s Covert Ballistic Door Panels Now Available

Taking cover has never been easier

SUNRISE, FL - Protective Products International (“PPI”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Protective Products of America, Inc. (PPA: TSX) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced ballistic protective products. PPI’s Covert Ballistic Door Panels are increasingly becoming an indispensible tool in the law enforcement officer’s arsenal of ballistic protective products. The Covert Ballistic Door Panels were developed in conjunction with major police departments and offer a level of protection that is rated to defeat most NIJ Level III rifle rounds. Easy to install at your location, these lightweight door panels do not interfere with door or window mechanisms. They have been crash certified, passing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and have been rigorously tested at PPI’s state-of-the-art testing facility in Sunrise, Florida, for multi-hit protection against all handgun rounds and most ball rifle rounds.

PPI’s Covert Ballistic Door Panel is available for the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Ford model vehicle and is available as an aftermarket purchase through PPI. PPI offers attractive leasing programs, as well as fleet purchase programs. The Covert Ballistic Door Panel provides law enforcement officers with that extra protection by just swinging open the front doors of the vehicle into action and using them as a tactical shield from incoming projectiles. Contact Protective Products International for more information at 800-509-9111 or sales@body-armor.com. Visit www.body-armor.com to view all of Protective Products International’s innovative ballistic protective products.

Threat                                                    Velocity
7.62x39mm Ball, FMJ 8.00 g             2428 fps+/- 50 fps
(123 gr.) Mild Steel Core   

5.56x45mm M193 Ball, FMJ              3264 fps +/- 50 fps
3.63 g(56 gr.)

5.56x45mm M855 Ball, FMJ              3264 fps +/-50 fps
4.02 g (62 gr.)

About Protective Products International
Protective Products International (“PPI”) located in Sunrise, Florida is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced products used to provide ballistic protection for personnel and vehicle in the military and law enforcement markets. Other products include concealable soft body armor for law enforcement and the Modular Tactical Vest ({MTV”), a ballistic system for the U.S. Marine Corps. For more information on PPI, log on to www.body-armor.com.

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