Max Pro Armor Release New Vector Plate Carrier

The latest release from Max Pro Police Armor, a leading manufacturer of law enforcment helmets and shields, is the Vector Plate Carrier.


High quality plate carrier, two-inch nylon webbing with fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps for the comfort of a one-size fits all.

The shoulders have extra quarter inch padding for extra support.

Adjustable shoulder and side straps.

Front and side release buckles to make it quick and easy to apply, with slide in hardware lock system for a stern hold.

Front and back pull down flaps for easy loading.

Color: Black.

Holds: 8x10 or 11x12 ballistic plates (sold separately).

NOTE: Made of NON-BALLISTIC Material. Plates are not included.

About Max Pro Police Products

Max Pro Police & Armor’s mission is to provide the highest quality protection to those who protect our safety and freedom. We can do this by offering the most advanced, innovative helmets and accessories on the market. Max Pro Police & Armor is dedicated to working with Police, Security, and Military departments throughout the world in order to further adapt all of our products for their specific needs. For more information, visit

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