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Survival Armor Inc Welcomes Roxanne Folsom Into its Life Saving Family

Roxanne Folsom, the leading expert on female armor, has joined the Survival Armor Team. Roxanne has begun designing patterns that give the Survival Armor certified female models the comfort, fit and wearability that female officers deserve--without sacrificing protection. She will also be available to provide any assistance that is needed to insure the female officer the required fit before and after the armor has been purchased.

Roxanne previously worked for Larry McCraney, President and CEO of Survival Armor Inc. at another armor company. She recently wrote McCraney stating that “I've worked with female armor for 14 years, twice for you, I'm very happy about that . . .You sent me around the world measuring and fitting armor, which was and still is a huge education when I'm out in the field”.

McCraney stated that he is pleased and gratified that Roxanne chose to bring her knowledge and experience to Survival Armor despite the many other opportunities she had in the industry. Roxanne joins a talented and experienced group that is committed to providing the people using our product with the utmost in ballistic protection at the same time keeping in mind that the armor has to be worn in order to save lives.

About Survival Armor
Survival Armor® was formed by Verseidag Protection Group. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Survival Armor has brought together some of the best minds from the US ballistic protection industry combining well over 75 years of experience. Concealable, tactical body armor and transportation protection for law enforcement, military and federal governments. Ballistic pads with enhanced coverage.

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