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Video: Body cam footage shows 2016 Trump assassination attempt

Michael Sandford asked the cop about receiving an autograph from Trump before attempting to grab the officer's weapon

By PoliceOne Staff

LAS VEGAS — Body camera footage released Wednesday shows the June 2016 incident where a UK man attempted to grab an officer’s gun to assassinate Donald Trump.

In the video obtained by ITV news, Michael Sandford, 21, walks up and asks an officer about receiving an autograph from the then-presidential candidate. He then attempts to grab the officer’s weapon, but fails to get it out of the holster.

Sandford was detained by police and ICE discovered he overstayed a 90-day visa. He pleaded guilty in September to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function, the Associated Press reported. 

A psychiatrist determined Sandford was delusional at the time of the incident. The family’s lawyer, Saimo Chahal, said he suffers from seizures, obsession-compulsion, anxiety and autism spectrum disorders, according to the Associated Press. A judge acknowledged Sanford’s diagnosis and decided he would be deported after serving time.

Sandford spent 11 months in U.S custody and was deported back home to England Wednesday.


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