Tenn. police buy body-worn cameras, in-car video with grant

Dyersburg State Gazette

NEWBERN, Tenn. — Last month, the Newbern Police Department began receiving ordered equipment as a result of a $5,000 grant received from the Governor's Highway Safety Office. The new equipment will allow officers to be better prepared with the latest technologies in law enforcement and will assist them in evaluating and documenting impaired drivers. 

The Newbern Police Department has been awarded the grant for the past several years and the grant funds have assisted them in purchasing such equipment as body-worn cameras, alcohol enforcement supplies and digital in-car video cameras advanced enough to automatically download to the police department's computer system when a patrol unit pulls close to the building.

The equipment recently received includes a portable handheld alcohol sensor, digital in-car video camera system, handheld battery-operated portable radar unit, and computer equipment for storing and producing video evidence. The portable handheld alcohol sensor is a valuable tool that will assist officers in evaluating the level of impairment on intoxicated drivers in the field. 

Full Story: Newbern Police receive new equipment purchased with grant funds

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