Former cop and body camera creator earns praise

The newest body camera is geared toward people in other professions with liabilities like delivery men and appraisers

By Matt Markovich

SEATTLE — Steve Ward doesn't care about reasons why the cameras are worn, just that police wear them. Six years ago, Ward created VieVu, a company that produces a rugged, virtually tamperproof camera that officers wear that records audio, video, time and GPS information.

Since then, the former Seattle police officer claims VieVu is now the market leader in wearable cameras designed for police use. The company claims 3,000 police departments in 16 countries use them.

The design is simple. A sliding switch uncovers the lens to start recording. The recording stops when the switch covers the lens. But VieVu's success is not just with the camera, but with the backend software that provides a level of security need to protect potential evidence.

Full Story: Former cop earning plaudits for his wearable camera company

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