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4 reasons to love Digital Ally’s DVM-800 Enhanced-Resolution In-Car Camera System (A 5-year Advance Replacement warranty doesn't hurt)

See more clearly, with more sources, with easy-to-use, easy-to-upgrade solution

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Anyone who’s ever had to review in-car camera footage has most likely had the common frustration of having to try to make out details – some of which can be critical to post-incident review, or even in catching someone who’s done harm to an officer – within fuzzy video. Many of the same people have probably also seen footage with crystal-clear detail from convenience stores, and wondered why that clarity couldn’t be brought to patrol vehicle cameras as well.  

Fortunately, Digital Ally wondered the same thing, and is now bringing enhanced-resolution capability to your windshield with the newly-redesigned DVM-800 in-car camera system. Redesigned from the ground up with new technology and rugged, lightweight materials, the affordable new system was built to enable agencies to bring enhanced-resolution primary camera and overall multi-camera capability to their fleets without breaking the bank or requiring massive amounts of storage.  As a matter of fact, the DVM-800 costs the least of any comparable system, according to the company.

A new enhanced-resolution isn’t all the new system brings to the table, however. Here are just some of the cool new features that you’ll be able to access through the DVM-800, many of which have real and practical applications for everyday officer safety, accountability, and more.

Evidence Capture Assistance

The DVM-800 system pre-records up to 30 seconds of footage before an incident recording was triggered. Officers who are in the middle of a tense or actively volatile situation may not instantly have time to trigger a recording, and this feature helps ensure that critical details are available for review later on. The system also records a constant loop, in addition to individual incident recordings, which means that you’ll have additional evidence discovery available if needed.



Up to 8 Cameras

Ok, so many of you are probably looking at this and thinking “This isn’t ‘The Truman Show’, why would I need that many cameras?  Wouldn’t that need a ton of storage?” The solution that Digital Ally has come up with, however, is pretty nifty: you can create customizable triggers that start recording, but only two cameras will record at one time – so, for example, if you have multiple cameras, you can record the vehicle’s back-up camera when you go into reverse (this system is one of the only ones which offers that integration), or record a view of a suspect being placed into the rear of the vehicle when the rear door is opened.  

Other triggers can also be set, like recording road views if the vehicle is hit, recording the interior compartments if you have to slam on the brakes, or even simply recording a response when the lights and siren are activated. The DVM-800 automates all of this camera switching, which removes distractions from the officer while ensuring you have the footage that’s relevant when it’s needed and minimizing data storage requirements, plus you can choose your own balance of quality versus storage usage.

Efficient Design and Advanced G-Force Sensor

The DVM-800 integrates into a rear-view mirror, minimizing the space needed for the system, and reducing installation time by simplifying placement and the need to route wires all over the place inside the vehicle. It also means that the controls for the system are easy for the officer to access, without hunting for buttons and removing their eyes from what’s going on around the vehicle. Also, when the system isn’t in use, the monitor is invisible, reducing distractions during everyday patrol in between calls.

A new, advanced sensor built into the unit records G-force along the X, Y, and Z axes (in other words, in all directions), so you’ll be able to tell later on exactly what was going on with the vehicle in terms of acceleration, braking, cornering, and even road conditions when you’re trying to determine what went into an accident occurring.  Competing systems don’t have this kind of feature, only using sensors which trigger recordings by simply detecting that a collision has happened.

Top-Notch Product Support

Finally, having a high-capability system is only as good as the support that the company provides for it in case something doesn’t work the way you want it to. On that front, Digital Ally provides an up-front warranty coverage of up to five years with Advance Replacement – meaning that you get a replacement system before you even send yours in for repair, minimizing downtime to prevent vehicles from going out-of-service. That means no more waiting for a technician to diagnose your equipment after you send it in, while your vehicle sits idle as officers grumble about being put in a backup unit that may have elder mileage on it.

As you can see, the DVM-800 has a lot of cool features in it which have practical applicability for everyone from the officer and supervisor on the street all the way up to the top-level administration of your agency.

To find out more, you can contact Digital Ally directly at 800-440-4947 (+913.814.7774 international) or www.digitalallyinc.com.

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