Trending Topics: When a cop faces a sudden attack

By PoliceOne Staff

The unpredictability of a suspect is a dangerous reality police officers face every day. For this week’s ‘Trending Topics,’ we highlight five instances in which interactions with suspects erupted into violence with very little advanced warning, and officers found themselves thrust into close-quarters combat. Add your thoughts and experiences in the comments. 

Greyhound bus passenger attacks Ohio trooper

Trooper was called to the bus to remove an unruly passenger when the attack occurred.


Body cam captures 'sickening' attack on UK cop

Female officer's head was repeatedly slammed into the ground during the vicious assault.


Utah man fatally shot after attacking cop with shovel

The officer was assaulted after responding to a report of a suspicious man knocking on doors and offering to shovel snow for money.

2 Calif. cops hospitalized after suspect attacks

Man knocked one officer to the ground after throwing a punch.

Good Samaritans help Ohio cop under attack

The officer was punched twice by the suspect as he engaged in a foot pursuit, starting the fight for survival.



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