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Stalker Radar Announces New Wearable Camera

New StalkerVUE body-worn video camera/recorder protects officers with video evidence and features unique wireless controller with video preview.

PLANO, Tex.-- Stalker Radar's new StalkerVUE body-worn camera/recorder increases officer safety with video evidence beyond that of in-car video systems at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, a wireless controller with video preview makes the StalkerVUE unique among wearable video camera systems and the next must-have in police technology. No other body-worn video camera system offers a wireless remote controller with video preview.
The StalkerVUE takes the proven benefits of video - officer safety, reduced court time, increased successful prosecutions, and tax dollar savings - out of the patrol vehicle and documents everyday interactions and situations with the public, offenders, and other officers in ways the in-car system can't.

The StalkerVUE's 2.4 GHz wireless controller not only helps the officer adjust the unit's tilting camera head by showing exactly what the camera is "seeing," it also allows remote control of the camera's functions - on/off, record, still photo, etc.
In addition to the tilting camera head, the StalkerVUE functions in all lighting conditions, from daylight to subdued light or nighttime conditions. For the low light environments, the StalkerVUE uses infrared emitters - undetectable to the human eye - for stealthy illumination.
Available with either 8 Gb or 32 Gb data capacity, the StalkerVUE is capable of recording up to 19+ hours of computer-monitor resolution video (640x480). In higher-definition mode (1280x720), it stores over 5 hours.

Video is recorded in industry-standard MPEG 4 format, while playback is in Windows-compatible AVI format. Data transfer is through an industry-standard USB 2.1 connection.

The StalkerVUE also features 360-degree rotatable clothing clip, high-sensitivity microphone, 1.4" Color CFT camera and remote screens, rechargeable Lithium battery, and external AC battery charger.

The StalkerVUE is the first of a series of products aimed at law enforcement, fire safety, EMS, warrant servers and other security operators where the actions of individuals may become a legal issue. Coming soon: more essential tools and helpful accessories for the public service professional.
For more information on the StalkerVUE, visit StalkerVUE.com or call 1-800-STALKER.


About Stalker Radar:
Stalker Radar & Lidar is the nation's leading manufacturer of speed radar. Stalker Radar manufacturers speed measurement equipment for law enforcement, sports and industrial testing.


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