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VIEVU Releases Next Generation Body Worn Video for Law Enforcement, Security Organizations and Emergency Professionals

VIEVU PVR-LE4G revolutionizes wearable video technology with compact design, remote data streaming, integrated GPS and High Definition video that is courtroom ready

SEATTLE, Wash. VIEVU, the industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for police, law enforcement and other security organizations, today announced the release of its new PVR-LE4G with HD video and live streaming.

The LE4G is rugged and easy to use with up to 12 hours recording capacity, longer battery life, HD video and many user playback features. Additionally the VIEVU LE4G includes wireless file transfer, data streaming for remote viewing, integrated GPS and facial recognition options.

Law enforcement nationwide confronts tactical situations daily such as protests and other armed confrontations. The use of BWV with remote streaming real-time information is critical for tactical decision making. VIEVU’s LE4G provides the situational awareness and information during these critical incidents. Agencies are using VIEVU’s LE4G to make informed decisions that can build public trust and confidence, while reducing costs associated with litigation and false citizen complaints footed by public tax dollars. 

BWV cameras provide the “police perspective” and factual accuracy into critical incidents. This high quality video technology solution assists with agencies facing erroneous “eye-witness” accounts. A University of Central Florida 2011 study on video evidence concluded "body-worn cameras should be standard equipment for all officers in units that have high instances of citizen contact and self-initiated calls."

VIEVU  BWV cameras are designed to be worn on the officer’s uniform, lapel or belt. VIEVU makes it easy for officers to video and record ALL their actions. Video is secured and authenticated for court use, while a chain of evidence log tracks who accesses the video and what they do with it.
“At VIEVU our sole focus is to make the best body worn video systems to support law enforcements agencies. Our PVR-LE4G is intelligent and will communicate real time what the officer is engaged in. I served on the Seattle SWAT team; streaming situational video to a command center, that’s powerful.” said Steve Ward, president and founder of VIEVU.

VIEVU provides free its VERIPATROL™ secure video file management system for each agency. VERIPATROL includes layered security protection to ensure chain of custody and evidence protection. Access is limited to authorized users and additional security prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen. All video file activity is logged as well, for documented chain of custody.

Made by cops for cops! VIEVU is the leader in body worn video (BWV), providing a secure, high-resolution video camera for law enforcement, security, emergency medical services and retailers. Built on police experience, VIEVU body worn video cameras are used by over 2,000 law enforcement agencies in 15 countries. VIEVU received the highest score in an evaluation of body worn video by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For information please visit www.VIEVU.com.

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