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RS3-SX Body Worn Cameras Extremely Successful

Body worn cameras have been rapidly growing in success, something that Reveal Media, manufacturer of the RS3-SX, RS2  and RS1 body worn cameras, has been experiencing for the past six years. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has just committed to investing £4 million into purchasing cameras for police cars. With the RS3’s many accessories it can be used as an in-car camera, as well as tabletop for interviews, wall-mounted and, of course, body or shoulder-mounted.

It’s no wonder that many councils, police forces, bailiffs and parking officers are already using the RS3-SX after Reveal Media’s first shipment this summer.

Sussex Police will be rolling out forcewide. This follows the recent news that Hammersmith and Fulham have equipped their Parking Officers with RS3 cameras. Other organisations using our cameras include the NHS, private security, universities, railways, and policing agencies in Hong Kong, Canada, Sweden and France.

In response to the success of the RS3-SX, Alasdair Field, chief executive officer of Reveal Media, said: “We were confident that the RS3-SX would be the best next-generation body worn camera out there and this has gone a long way to prove that we were right. We have laboured on every single detail to make sure the total RS3-SX package delivers the maximum operational advantage while reducing the workload on the user.”

In response to the MET commissioner’s promise to invest in in-car cameras, he said: “It’s a natural progression for organisations to start investing in better alternatives to current surveillance. Our complete RS3-SX body worn camera system now costs less than most standard definition hardware recorders alone. We anticipated the need for value-for-money surveillance systems in police cars and are ready with a product that can deliver.”

For reliable best evidence, RS3-SX has full HD recording, automatic microphone sensitivity, articulated camera, pre-record function, admin only settings change, external camera input.

To be simple to use, RS3-SX has a big red sliding record switch, multiple mounting options, audio and visual indicators, playback with inbuilt speaker and is lightweight.

To be highly dependable, RS3-SX is an all in one unit that has an enclosed construction with rubber seals and solid state recording.

To be multi-use, RS3-SX can be used body-mounted, in-car, wall-mounted, and tabletop for interviews.

Not only has the RS3-SX become massively popular, RS-DEMS is used by almost all our customers and by those using other brands of body worn camera. RS-DEMS 2.0 came out in May with extra features. Evidence managed by RS-DEMS is routinely used in court and Reveal Media is continually extending its capabilities. It’s so integrated with the RS3-SX that using the cameras with RS-DEMS provides integrated software management, a unique ID for each unit and automated evidence management.

For more information, e-mail marketing@revealmedia.com.

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