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Reveal Media Provides Washington Park PD with Body Worn Cameras and DEMS Digital Evidence Software

Village of Washington Park are "Policing in the 21st century" thanks to Reveal Media's RS1-SX

Mooresville - Washington Park PD in IL will be the latest in law enforcement to utilize Reveal Media's Body Worn Camera & DEMS Digital Evidence Software System to deter behavior as well as provide a clear & accurate portrayal of events. 

Colonel Aubrey Keller, Chief of Police for Village of Washington Park was "happy beyond explanation" at receiving Reveal Media's RS1-SX body worn cameras as part of the RMAP (Reveal Media Awareness Program).

"It is imperative that Police Officers be properly equipped to perform 21t century policing" Colonel Keller began, stating that the RS1-SX allows his force to step up to the challenges facing Police today: "the criminals of today are not the same of yesterday, they are of a contemporary presence"

Reveal Media's RS1-SX body worn camera features an articulated camera for maximum accuracy and front-facing screen to deter potential perpetrators. Colonel Keller said The RS1-SX "affords opportunities to review the incidents of real-time recordings, serving as evidence to disprove false accusations, and serves notices to those the officer is interacting with to be in their best behavior"

Despite comprehensive studies proving the effectiveness of body worn cameras, such as the Rialto study, the practice of on officer video is an emerging field in many parts of the United States, being met with some skepticism. Colonel Keller affirmed "the positives of body worn cameras far out-weigh the negatives and I support any and every opportunity to level the playing field for Law Enforcement.

"Thanks to Reveal Media, we are policing in the 21st Century"

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