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Australian Police Say the RS3-SX Body Worn Camera Provides "Very Solid Proof"

Australian news station Seven News has reported the success of the RS3-SX body worn camera with Victoria Police.

Project Providence has been a success since its launch at Christmas, when Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius announced that “the wearing of cameras will assist in the accurate recording of high-risk events, enable us to analyse our interactions, improve our practices and where appropriate, members may be able to use the vision captured to support prosecutions.”

The body worn cameras have since gathered 100’s of pieces of evidence and have entered a “new high tech era”.
Commander Doug Fryer said in an interview that they had endorsed another 3 months with the cameras because they give officers a “very solid proof of their interaction with the public”.

In addition, the cameras have successfully captured high quality evidence that can be used in a court of law. Commander Fryer said “We’ve got 130 bits of footage that we will be using in prosecutions at the moment”, which amounts to 40% of the videos captured.

Seven News highlighted the global movement toward this technology, and described the “tiny crime fighting gadgets” as valuable policing tools. In particular, the reduction in use-of-force was identified as a great benefit realised by the technology, which has helped reduce concern about the level of force used in the community.

“The beauty of this is that it’s not a weapon” the reporter commented.

“That aspect alone”, replied a police officer, “helps both parties work better.

There are trials around the world today were we get a great reduction in the use-of-force and that’s a win-win for all parties.”

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