Digital Ally Runs Historic Sale


Assisting Agencies With In-Car Video, Lidar & Thermal Imaging Purchases

Digital Ally, Inc., which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance, speed enforcement and thermal imaging products, is running an unprecedented sale in an effort to assist budget-constrained departments obtain the tools they need. This sale is in addition to recently launching the DVM-100, which is the least expensive law enforcement quality in-car video system in the industry.

“We have gone to great lengths to develop a product line that assists the law enforcement community in operating with the utmost efficiency and safety,” stated Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Ally, “so we want to make sure these tools can still reach the hands of the officers that need them, despite widespread reductions in funds and tax revenues.”

“Our video systems, LIDAR speed gun and thermal camera each feature unique capabilities and provide valuable evidence,” adds Ken McCoy, the Company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The in-car video systems record a wide view of the scene inside and surrounding patrol vehicles, capturing the actions of both suspects and officers to assist in convictions as well as eliminate frivolous law suits. Portable video systems provide better insight into officers’ own perspectives and will operate away from the vehicle. The Laser Ally LIDAR quickly obtains individual vehicle speeds – despite traffic and weather conditions – at an impressive range, even through glass to allow the officer to remain in the safety and comfort of a vehicle. The Thermal Ally lets officers see suspects, victims and evidence they would not have been able to otherwise see.”

Digital Ally’s current offers include: a package deal allowing the purchase of a DVM-750 digital in car video system with an officer-worn FirstVu digital video system for $4995.00 ($995 off); $500 off the Laser Ally handheld LIDAR; $300.00 off the Thermal Ally thermal imaging camera; $200 off the FirstVu wearable/mountable video system; and $200 off the DVF-500 flashlight digital video system. For more information, contact Digital Ally at 800-440-4947, or visit

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