St. Croix Tribal Police Equip With Patroleyes SCDV5 Body Cameras

The St. Croix Tribal Police Department Located in Webster, Wisconsin has made the decision to outfit their officers with PatrolEyes SCDV5 body cameras. Many factors went into the purchase decision, among them being able to implement an affordable body camera plan. With a smaller department size typically ranging between 10 and 20 officers, the St. Croix Tribal Police Department faced budget constraints, as with most small agencies. A second factor mentioned by the department was the ability to have a camera system that is not dependent on specific software or a separate server. Thirdly, the department mentioned the DV5 's appealing plug & play functionality to view, save and record video and photos. It was also stated that specific state and tribal grant funds aided in body camera purchase.

The PatrolEyes SCDV5 is a body worn, highdefinition video recorder for law enforcement with the ability to capture true crystal clear 1080p HD footage. Equipped with advanced optics, the SCDV5 has a 140° wide angle lens, sure to cover a vast focal area of every officer interaction. Recording can start with the fast and simple press of one button, even when the camera is turned off. Enable the SCDV5 's motion detection feature for automatic recording any time the device is triggered by an action. An auto infrared feature allows for worry free recording in all environments. In the event that additional evidence capture is needed, a snapshot function allows the SCDV5 to take still frame images while recording. Built in GPS provides specific location data for each video captured when viewing footage in our included software.

"We fully understand the value and sensitivity of the data gathered by our device, which is why we have many different options available," states CEO Mike Gramza. "With all of our PatrolEyes HD models, including the SCDV5 , we allow departments to choose the camera firmware that works best for them, password protected with our 8 camera docking station and management software option or simply open access to the assigned officer to take care of the transfer process." The date and time stamp along with officer I.D. is an option for every piece of evidence captured by the SCDV5 , which cannot be tampered with. The SCDV5 can record for up to 6 hours and comes with a removable battery that can be swapped out to provide truly endless recording time. Variable model versions include storage space of 16, 32 and 64GB. The camera is protected with a lightweight, but durable shell and is waterproof to a depth of 3ft.

A host of accessories come along with the SCDV5 including USB cable, wall and vehicle chargers, dropin charging station, lithium battery, metal body clip and user manual. More Information

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